Fuifui Moimoi has alleged infidelities made public on Twitter

Fuifui Moimoi has had allegations of infidelity play out in the most public of forums after his wife took over his Twitter account on Sunday.

Moimoi is a former Parramatta Eels cult figure who now plays for the Toronto Wolfpack, a Canadian outfit that actually plays in England's League 1 competition.

Moana Moimoi, also the mother of Moimoi’s two children, seemed to gain access to Fuifui’s Twitter account, posting a stream of accusations about his cheating, including pictures and messages from the woman he was allegedly with.

A woman claiming to be Moana told Yahoo7 the family had flown over to England from America to surprise Moimoi but when she arrived the woman Fuifui was allegedly with found out too late about his status.

Moimoi's wife took over Twitter account with accusations of infidelity. Pic: Getty

She was apparently angry Moimoi had told her he was single and made contact with Moana and sent her a number of texts and pictures of them together.

"We came to surprise (Fuifui) in England and the girl was p****ed off and knew the story didn't add up," Moana said.

"He had been telling her he was single and we were not together anymore.

"So she made contact with me on Facebook and started sending me the pictures."

Moana then posted the pictures to Fuifui's Twitter account, which she says she has always had access to.

"When I asked him about it and he said nothing was happening I told him I was going to let people know about what he did, so people will know the truth about you and more people will come out," Moana said.

Moana then posted some of the tweets the woman at the centre of the affair had sent her:

This represents only about one third of the tweets posted over just a couple of hours on Sunday afternoon.

The tweets have since been deleted.

Yahoo7 has tried to contact Toronto Wolfpack and Fuifui Moimoi for comment but as yet have had no response.

Yahoo7 Sport does not suggest that the allegations in the tweets appearing on the account of Fuifui Moimoi are an accurate account of the matter.