French Open LIVE: Carlos Alcaraz vs Alexander Zverev result and reaction from five-set thriller in men’s final

Carlos Alcaraz defeated Alexander Zverev to win the French Open for the first time and lift a third grand slam title at the age of just 21. The Spaniard became the youngest player in tennis history to win grand slam titles on all three surfaces and defeated the German fourth seed in an epic five-set thriller at Roland Garros, battling from behind to win 6-3 2-6 5-7 6-1 6-2 in four hours and 19 minutes.

In what was the first French Open men’s final without either Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic or Roger Federer since 2004, Alcaraz held his nerve to defy defeat and he produced a stunning series of passing shots in his comeback. The third seed took a medical timeout in the fourth set but prevailed to extend his perfect record in grand slam finals to three wins from his first three appearances.

Alcaraz, who had previously won the US Open and Wimbledon, is now an Australian Open title away from completing the career grand slam. Meanwhile, Zverev missed the chance to win his first grand slam title, with the 27-year-old losing the US Open final from two sets up against Dominic Thiem in 2020. The German was a set from glory before Alcaraz produced a stunning escape to win the title.

Follow all the latest tennis scores and results from the final day at the French Open below.

French Open LIVE: Alcaraz faces Zverev in men’s final - latest updates

  • Carlos Alcaraz defeats Alexander Zverev in French Open men’s final

  • 5th SET! Alcaraz breaks twice before winning French Open title

  • 4th SET! Alcaraz calls medical timeout but hangs on to force decider

  • 3rd SET! Zverev battles from 5-2 down to claim third set and lead final

  • 2nd SET! Zverev hits back behind improved serve to level the final

  • 1st SET! Alcaraz breaks Zverev three times as Spaniard makes dream start

  • Alcaraz adds French Open to US Open and Wimbledon titles at the age of just 21

  • Iga Swiatek defeated Jasmine Paolini to race to third consecutive French Open yesterday

  • Coco Gauff and Katerina Siniakova win French Open women’s doubles title

French Open highlights: Carlos Alcaraz defeats Alexander Zverev in thriller

20:45 , Jamie Braidwood

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French Open: How many grand slams will Carlos Alcaraz win?

20:15 , Jamie Braidwood

Mats Wilander, the three-time French Open winner and seven-time grand slam champion, tells Eurosport that this will be Carlos Alcaraz’s “most important” grand slam title.

“I think this will easily be the most important grand slam that he has won so far. At the US Open it was all unexpected, at Wimbledon he was playing for everything to win and nothing to lose against the greatest player in our game in Novak Djokovic. I don’t think anyone thought he would win against Djokovic.

“Here, he wins from two sets to one down and he wins easily in the fourth and fifth. This is proof he is not just a great player but he loves to suffer. This is going to be a milestone in his career.”

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

French Open: Rafael Nadal congratulates Carlos Alcaraz on French Open victory

20:00 , Jamie Braidwood

Rafael Nadal, the 14-time French Open champion, congratulates its new winner.

“Congratulations @carlosalcaraz for this immense victory!!!! Big!!!! Very happy for your successes!!! #Vamos”.

French Open: Carlos Alcaraz defeats Alexander Zverev to claim third Grand Slam title

19:45 , Jamie Braidwood

The winning moment!

French Open: Carlos Alcaraz ‘had a lot of doubts’ before comeback

19:28 , Jamie Braidwood

Carlos Alcaraz speaking to Eurosport.

“It was a great journey the last two weeks, since the first match. This tournament I wanted to win since five, six years old. It’s great for me, a team come true. I’ll enjoy it with my team.

“When I finished the third I had a lot of doubts, I’m not going to lie. I thought my shots didn’t trouble Sacha. He was dominating with his serve and it was difficult for me. With the nerves, I didn’t play my best tennis, but it’s the final of a grand slam! It was the time to find solutions, to give everything, and of course in the fourth set getting to 4-0 helped me out a lot.

“[The conditions] were difficult. Sacha was playing great tennis, he put a lot of pressure on his serves and he got a lot of returns in. I had to save a lot of break points. The fifth set was 6-2 but I could have lost the fifth set, it was close. It was tricky with the wind, the sun. We know we have to win a way and adapt. I’m really happy to do it today.

“Another tattoo, yes, it’ll be soon!”

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

French Open: Carlos Alcaraz defeats Alexander Zverev to claim third Grand Slam title

19:16 , Jamie Braidwood

Three finals, three surfaces, three grand slam titles!

Carlos Alcaraz is incredible.

French Open: Carlos Alcaraz defeats Alexander Zverev to claim third Grand Slam title

19:07 , Mike Jones

More from Alcaraz: “I have loved to have part of my family here. My Mum, my Dad, my Brother, I have loved having you here. All of the support you have given to me since being a little kid. I used to watch this tournament on the TV and now I’m holding the trophy so thank you very much.

“Everyone is a really important part to making this tournament special. It’s not easy to do that, we complain a lot, but you all do a great job. Thank you to everyone.

“The crowd have been great since the first match until today. The support has been unbelievable in the matches and practice. I’ll see you soon, for sure. Thank you.”

French Open: Carlos Alcaraz defeats Alexander Zverev to claim third Grand Slam title

19:04 , Mike Jones

Here’s Carlos Alcaraz speaking after winning the French Open for the first time: “Hello everyone. First of all, I want to congratulate Sascha for a great tournament.

“Unbelievable the level you are playing and the work you are putting in every day. Everything you have been through the last years in this court. I’m pretty sure you will win Slams and this tournament very, very soon so keep going and congratulations.

“My team have been incredible the last month. We were struggling a lot with the injury. Coming back from Madrid, I didn’t feel well. Coming here and not practicing too much on the court. I’m grateful to have the team that I have. I know everyone in my team is giving their heart to help me improve. I call this a team but it’s a family.”

French Open: Carlos Alcaraz defeats Alexander Zverev to claim third Grand Slam title

19:01 , Mike Jones

More from Zverev who said: “To my team as well, thank you for not only last the two weeks but the long journey we had since the injury I had on this same court. We were close today, not enough but hopefully one day we will be able to hold this trophy together so thank you.

“Then I would like to thank everyone who makes this tournament possible every year. Amelie [Mauresmo], one of the best tournament directors we have. You do everything for the players. I know it’s tough because we complain a lot but you’re doing the best you can, we really appreciate it so thankyou for the job you’re doing.

“It’s been amazing - the atmosphere, the support has been amazing. I really love to play on this beautiful court, one of my favourite courts on the tour.

“I’ll be back next year.”

French Open: Carlos Alcaraz defeats Alexander Zverev to claim third Grand Slam title

18:57 , Mike Jones

Runner-up Alexander Zverev, speaking on court: “First of all, in relation to Carlos, third Grand Slam, 21-years-old, it’s incredible. You’ve won three different ones, you are already a hall-of-famer, you have won so much and you’re only 21. An incredible player and not the last time you are going to win this.

“To the [Alcaraz] team, well done. I wish I could say otherwise, but too good today. All of you are unbelievably nice guys so I’m happy for you. Not today, but generally I am happy for you.

French Open: Carlos Alcaraz defeats Alexander Zverev to claim third Grand Slam title

18:54 , Mike Jones

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

French Open: Carlos Alcaraz defeats Alexander Zverev to claim third Grand Slam title

18:51 , Mike Jones

And now it’s the turn of the French Open winner, Carlos Alcaraz. He strides up to the stage with a big grin on his face before being handed the Coupe des Mousquetaires but six-time French Open champion Bjorn Borg.

French Open: Carlos Alcaraz defeats Alexander Zverev to claim third Grand Slam title

18:46 , Mike Jones

A second major final ends in defeat for Alexander Zverev who strides onto the stage to collect his runners-up plate.

He says: “First of all, congratulations Carlos. A third grand slam at 21-years-old is incredible. You’re already a hall-of-famer and it’s not the last time you’re going to win this.”

French Open: Carlos Alcaraz defeats Alexander Zverev to claim third Grand Slam title

18:44 , Mike Jones

Swedish tennis legend Bjorn Borg is led out onto the stage for the presentation with a video playing to summarise his incredible career and the many wins he earned at Roland Garros.

French Open: Carlos Alcaraz defeats Alexander Zverev 6-3 2-6 5-7 6-1 6-2 to claim third Grand Slam title

18:42 , Mike Jones

The stage is being set for the presentation ceremony. Alexander Zverev has had a painful wait, he’s fallen short at the final hurdle once again in his pursuit of a first Grand Slam title but he gave his all.

Carlos Alcaraz, the rising star of men’s tennis, was just too good on the day.

French Open: Carlos Alcaraz defeats Alexander Zverev 6-3 2-6 5-7 6-1 6-2 to claim third Grand Slam title

18:38 , Mike Jones

Carlos Alcaraz is the first men’s player in the Open era to win his first three Grand Slam titles on three different surfaces following his victories at the US Open and Wimbledon.

What a player.

French Open: Carlos Alcaraz defeats Alexander Zverev 6-3 2-6 5-7 6-1 6-2 to claim third Grand Slam title

18:34 , Mike Jones

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

French Open: Carlos Alcaraz 6-3 2-6 5-7 6-1 6-2 Alexander Zverev

18:32 , Mike Jones

Here we go then.

Alcaraz starts off with a fine serve that Zverev gets back well. The Spaniard edges further and further into the court and crunches a series of backhands back at his opponent who eventually drills one into the net.

Zverev digs in though and takes the next point before Alcaraz moves back into the lead with a sidespinning drop shot. Zverev manages to get to the ball but flicks it wide. 30-15.

He’s one away! Zverev curls a forehand too long to give Alcaraz two chances at winning the Championship...

... there it is! Zverev goes into the net, Alcaraz drops to the floor and the French Open title is his. Game, set and match!

French Open: *Carlos Alcaraz 6-3 2-6 5-7 6-1 5-2 Alexander Zverev - BREAK!

18:26 , Mike Jones

He only needs one! Carlos Alcaraz breaks and will now be serving for the Championship.

French Open: Carlos Alcaraz 6-3 2-6 5-7 6-1 4-2 Alexander Zverev*

18:25 , Mike Jones

Will Carlos Alcaraz go after Alexander Zverev and try to break again?

Yes. By the looks of the opening two rallies which both go the way of the Spaniard. He punishes every forehand that he gets and outpowers the German to move 0-30 up.

Oh wow! Zverev comes up to the net and meets the ball on the volley. Alcaraz darts across the court and whips a backhand, the ball clips the tape and drops in play!

Three break points to come.

French Open: Carlos Alcaraz 6-3 2-6 5-7 6-1 4-2 Alexander Zverev*

18:21 , Mike Jones

Zverev sets himself up with a break point but Alcaraz serves and volleys next up to bring him back to deuce. Alcaraz puts one too long to give up a break point but Zverev hits the net.

The Spaniard goes up to advantage and wins the game as Zverev slices a forehand into the net again.

French Open: *Carlos Alcaraz 6-3 2-6 5-7 6-1 3-2 Alexander Zverev

18:17 , Mike Jones

Alcaraz doesn’t unleash fully on a smash but Zverev’s return goes long. The Spaniard then puts down and error of his own with a wild forehand.

Two smash winners, one for each player, bring the game up to 30-30. Alcaraz trying to hold, Zverev desperately searching for a break.

The Spaniard takes the next point with an accurate serve and forehand follow up. But, a miscued backhand lands in the net and Zverev gets to deuce.

French Open: *Carlos Alcaraz 6-3 2-6 5-7 6-1 3-2 Alexander Zverev

18:12 , Mike Jones

Zverev holds! He saves another break point and flies through the next two points to keep his hopes of lifting the trophy going.

French Open: Carlos Alcaraz 6-3 2-6 5-7 6-1 3-1 Alexander Zverev*

18:11 , Mike Jones

The only thing Zverev can do now is hold his own serve. He needs to keep chipping away at this set and hopefully edge the momentum his way.

From 40-15 an few errors and another double fault bring the game to deuce before Alcaraz nails a passing winner to set up another break point.

This could be the deciding rally of the final. Zverev serves out wide but Alcaraz gets back the return only for the German to land an acute backhand across court. Back to deuce.

French Open: Carlos Alcaraz 6-3 2-6 5-7 6-1 3-1 Alexander Zverev*

18:04 , Mike Jones

What a rally! Alexander Zverev comes up to the net early to try and close out the rally but never takes on a proper smash. Instead he looks to work Alcaraz around the court but the Spaniard repeatedly tracks down the ball. Eventually Zverev gets the winner but his lead doesn’t last long as Alcaraz serves out wide and forces an error from the German.

Bang! Zverev looks to dominate but Alcaraz has other ideas. He’s off balance but decides to come down the line with a brilliant backhand that brings him close to holding.

He does hold! From 0-40 down, the Spaniard manages to move ahead in the set and he completes the break of serve.

French Open: *Carlos Alcaraz 6-3 2-6 5-7 6-1 2-1 Alexander Zverev

18:00 , Mike Jones

Zverev’s last service was full of mistakes and Alcaraz has started his own service game with a couple of errors too. An attempted drop shot clips the tape and doesn’t drop moving his opponent 0-30 ahead.

Wow. Alcaraz wrestles his way into a winning position and has the simplest of forehand winners to get on the board. Instead his pushes it wide and leaves Zverev with three break points.

Alcaraz saves one with a fine forehand winner. A disputed second serve is called in which annoys Zverev who is feeling the pressure. He’ll be more aggrieved after sending a backhand out of play.

Alcaraz then finds the baseline and the game goes to deuce! What defence.

French Open: *Carlos Alcaraz 6-3 2-6 5-7 6-1 2-1 Alexander Zverev - BREAK!

17:52 , Mike Jones

Alexander Zverev is under a lot of pressure. A couple of errors from the German and a double fault leave the Spaniard with three break points.

He punts one of them too long but then claims the break. Zverev then pings one over the back and gifts the break to his opponent. Alcaraz draws first blood in the final set. Can he hold serve now to complete the break?

French Open: Carlos Alcaraz 6-3 2-6 5-7 6-1 1-1 Alexander Zverev*

17:48 , Mike Jones

Oh my! Neither man is holding back here and both are taking on difficult shots. Zverev comes up to the net and is met with a dipping forehand. He attempts to volley across court but gets it wrong and spoons the ball out of play.

Another mistake from the German gives Alcaraz two attempts to close out the game and he misses the first one. A long, long rally gets both men dancing around the court before setting up an opportunity for a cross court forehand, Alcaraz puts it into the net.

The next attempt is better, he serves wide and Zverev returns into the net.

French Open: *Carlos Alcaraz 6-3 2-6 5-7 6-1 0-1 Alexander Zverev

17:43 , Mike Jones

This match has been going on for three hours and 26 minutes already and will be decided in this fifth set. Alexander Zverev has the opening serve and will want to start well having only won on game in the previous set.

He takes the first point with a blazing backhand winner before flicking over a drop shot volley. Carlos Alcaraz sprints up the court and gets to the ball but doesn’t have the space to get over the return.

Perhaps there’s a sign of nerves as Zverev double faults but his next effort is perfect out wide to Alcaraz’s backhand. The German completes his hold with a smash winner.

Over to Alcaraz.

French Open: Carlos Alcaraz 6-3 2-6 5-7 6-1 Alexander Zverev*

17:36 , Mike Jones

Yes he can!

needs to work to save another break point but an ace, his first since the third set, takes him up to set point. Zverev lands one in the net and that’s that.

The French Open men’s final will be decided in a final set!

French Open: *Carlos Alcaraz 6-3 2-6 5-7 5-1 Alexander Zverev

17:33 , Mike Jones

Alcaraz had a chance to serve out the third set and messed it up. He looks to be on a similar course after a driving backhand from Zverev takes the German 0-30 up.

Zverev then misses only for Alcaraz to blaze a forehand into the net and leave him with two break points. The Spaniard saves one with a solid return wide to the backhand forcing Zverev to pump his effort wide down the line.

Another miss, this one trying to go across court with a forehand, brings Alcaraz back to deuce. Can he close out the set?

French Open: *Carlos Alcaraz 6-3 2-6 5-7 5-1 Alexander Zverev

17:29 , Mike Jones

Carlos Alcaraz has called for a medical timeout with the physio working on the left leg giving his a vigorous rub down.

The Spaniard jogs back onto court with renewed purpose and helps to force an error out of Alexander Zverev who floats a forehand wide. Then it’s Alcaraz’s turn to mishit one and give away a point, 15-15.

Oh wow! Both players trade blows and points before a lob from Alcaraz lands on the back of the court, just in play. Zverev sprints back for it then fizzes a backhand out of play.

Alcaraz fails to take advantage of his break point and the German forces his way to deuce. The deciding factor is a missed cross court backhand from Zverev which sets up another break point for Alcaraz who takes it this time and moves within one game of winning the fourth set.

French Open: Carlos Alcaraz 6-3 2-6 5-7 4-1 Alexander Zverev*

17:19 , Mike Jones

This final and its momentum has swing on a pendulum repeatedly. At the start of this game it was firmly leaning towards Alcaraz but Zverev has wrestled it back!

It was a poor outing from the Spaniard who was outworked and out hit by his opponent who recovers a break. Alcaraz is still the heavy favourite to take the fourth set but Zverev now has a foothold.

French Open: *Carlos Alcaraz 6-3 2-6 5-7 4-0 Alexander Zverev

17:15 , Mike Jones

Alcaraz looks to have really turned up the heat and edges into the lead in the next game, this one being served up by Zverev. The Spaniard should take the next point too but is a little wayward with a backhand and just sends it out of play on the right side.

However, he makes full use of Zverev coming up to the net and laces a top spinner across court that dips on the German forcing him to miss the ball.

Zverev comes back at him though with a couple of powerful hits. A floaty return from Alcaraz provides plenty of time for Zverev to pick a spot and he drills a forehand down the line to draw level at 30-30.

A double fault sets Alcaraz up with a break point and he secures it with a brilliant backhand drop shot!

What a performance in this set from Alcaraz so far.

French Open: Carlos Alcaraz 6-3 2-6 5-7 3-0 Alexander Zverev*

17:09 , Mike Jones

Carlos Alcaraz has woken up again. He’s won 11 of the last 14 points and moves to 40-0 with a blistering backhand across the court. A mistake from Zverev brings Alcaraz a hold to love and he moves three games ahead in the fourth set.

If he holds serve each time he’ll win the fourth and draw back level.

French Open: *Carlos Alcaraz 6-3 2-6 5-7 2-0 Alexander Zverev - BREAK!

17:07 , Mike Jones

Oh yes! After sending one too long to give Alcaraz the first points of his service game, Zverev switches up forehand and backhand play whilst, mainly, trying to keep the ball flat.

He makes Alcaraz run before coming up to the net and landing a winner volley. In the next rally, Alcaraz lunges to reach a low ball and manages to lob it over Zverev. The German can take on the smash but decides to leave it and the ball lands in play!


Zverev is then unnerved as he drills a cross court forehand close to the sideline. The call of ‘out’ comes quite late but the umpire checks the court and agrees. Alcaraz has two break points.

He saves the first one as a backhand return from the Spaniard lands long. Zverev goes down the centre from a second serve next up and moves up to the net.

He volleys back at Alcaraz who sweeps to the right and whips a curling forehand around his opponent and lands it right on the line! He breaks!

That is a superb shot.

French Open: Carlos Alcaraz 6-3 2-6 5-7 1-0 Alexander Zverev*

17:00 , Mike Jones

Alexander Zverev has the advantage in this final now. He’s only one set away from the title and knows that Carlos Alcaraz cannot mess up from here.

The Spaniard doesn’t. An incredibly backhand from him fizzes the ball over the top of the net to take him to a comfortable 40-15 lead in the opening game of the fourth.

Alcaraz is bouncing around and forces an error from Zverev to hold serve.

French Open: *Carlos Alcaraz 6-3 2-6 5-7 0-0 Alexander Zverev

16:56 , Mike Jones

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

French Open: *Carlos Alcaraz 6-3 2-6 5-7 Alexander Zverev - SET!

16:54 , Mike Jones

Alcaraz latches onto a drop shot to set up a break point but Zverev manages to save it in the next rally. He then comes up to the net, hits a fine backhand volley before winning the point with a brilliant smash.

His second attempt at closing out this set sees him miss his first serve once again. The next one goes to Alcaraz’s backhand and a long rally builds up.

Zverev starts to get the upper hand forces Alcaraz into a couple of loopy returns. He crunches a cross court forehand to Alcaraz’s right but the Spaniard can’t return the ball and the set goes to the German!

French Open: Carlos Alcaraz 6-3 2-6 5-6 Alexander Zverev*

16:49 , Mike Jones

Carlos Alcaraz looks a little rattled. He’s complaining about the lack of clay on the court and tells the umpire ‘it’s like a hard court.’ That’s just frustration boiling over for the Spaniard.

Alexander Zverev begins the next rally with a wonder serve and volley. He seems very confident now.

The German is gifted the next point too as Alcaraz continues to struggle to return the serve. Zverev gets drawn into a lengthy rally next up before being forced wide to the right. He looks to slice a stretching forehand back but doesn’t catch it right and Alcaraz gets a point on the board. 30-15.

The Spaniard starts to dictate. He repeatedly drills his shots at Zverev’s backhand and the German runs out of patience. He looks to go down the line and sends one wide.

That doesn’t bother him though as his next serve is exceptional! It lands right on the side line of the box and flies wide of Alcaraz’s racquet for an ace.

On set point, Zverev faults first up before serving to middle. Alcaraz defends with a couple of high shots before the rally develops into a backhand battle. The Spaniard wins it and brings the game to deuce.

French Open: Carlos Alcaraz 6-3 2-6 5-6 Alexander Zverev* - BREAK!

16:42 , Mike Jones

Alcaraz is looking to stop the onslaught from Zverev who has won the last three games. The Spaniard goes behind from his firs serve but follows up with a dainty drop shot that his opponent gives up.

Zverev attempts the same thing in the next rally but doesn’t execute it well. The ball bounces kindly for Alcaraz who slices a forehand too long! 15-30.

Pressure! Zverev is the one dictating the rallies and peppers Alcaraz with a few strong backhands. The Spaniard looks to switch to a forehand but spoons the ball wide. Two break points for Zverev here...

... He only needs one! Zverev will serve to win the third set. What a turnaround.

French Open: *Carlos Alcaraz 6-3 2-6 5-5 Alexander Zverev

16:37 , Mike Jones

Alcaraz still has the chance to close out the set but will need to break the German here in this game. He shuffles around the court and prepares for the first serve.

Zverev sends it to the forehand and wins the point as Alcaraz’s return loops over the back of court. The German increases his lead after Alcaraz attempts to unleash on a second serve. He goes for it early but gets the angle wrong and scuffs the ball out of play.

The next point is won with an ace and Zverev secures the hold to love with ease. All square.

French Open: Carlos Alcaraz 6-3 2-6 5-4 Alexander Zverev*

16:34 , Mike Jones

Lovely stuff! The pressure is now on Alcaraz who goes for accuracy over power and pays the price. Zverev sprints across court to meet the shot and hooks in back into play before the Spaniard mishits a half-volley.

Zverev moves 0-30 up with a powerful return of serve before missing out on a very gettable backhand down the line.

The German then errs again with a wild forehand that smokes the ball well over the back of court and Alcaraz is back on level terms trying to close out the third set.

Break point! Alcaraz knocks one too long and will have to defend another break point. Can he do it?

No! Alcaraz goes up to the net but is met with a powerful backhand by Zverev. He throws himself towards the ball but can’t reach it and his opponent is back in this set.

French Open: *Carlos Alcaraz 6-3 2-6 5-3 Alexander Zverev

16:29 , Mike Jones

Zverev finds himself needing to hold serve just to stay in this third set. He starts off with a sublime wide serve ace that beats Alcaraz for pace.

Next up he misses his first serve down the middle and a rally ensues. Alcaraz pushes him deep before delicately flicking a forehand over the net to wrongfoot his opponent. 15-15.

A miscue from the German puts Alcaraz into the lead as he scuffs a shot into the net before following up with a decent first serve that his opponent fails to get back. 30-30.

From here Zverev does the business. He’s aided by an error from Alcaraz before closing out the game with an ace.

French Open: Carlos Alcaraz 6-3 2-6 5-2 Alexander Zverev*

16:24 , Jamie Braidwood

Incredible forehand attack from Alcaraz, as he comes into the net and puts away the smash.

Game point: Alcaraz drops and Zverev hits the net!

Three break points saved and he moves a game away!

French Open: Carlos Alcaraz 6-3 2-6 4-2 Alexander Zverev*

16:23 , Jamie Braidwood

Wow. Alcaraz looked to have turned this set after getting the first two points on serve, only for Zverev to come roaring back himself. He finds depth to push Alcaraz back, and swat away the smash.

A break point for the German: but he keeps his head and finds two baselines in a row, as Zverev’s backhand misfires!

Deuce. Double fault from Alcaraz! Zverev will have another break point. Big first serve from Alcaraz down the middle, then the smash!

The roof may come off if he holds serve here: but Alcaraz swing wildly at the forehand and gives Zverev another chance!

Drop shot from Alcaraz on break point! Steel from Alcaraz, Zverev reaches it, but Alcaraz finds the backhand pass!



French Open: *Carlos Alcaraz 6-3 2-6 4-2 Alexander Zverev - BREAK!

16:15 , Jamie Braidwood

Oh now! Alcaraz stops the run of points against Zverev’s serve, and finds the moment to strike! Zverev suddenly becomes hesistant, as Alcaraz goes on the attack!

He flashes a backhand drive down the line and gets a look at three break points: INCREDIBLE! Alcaraz pings the backhand onto Zverev’s feet and the German swings at the backhand and shanks it out!

That came from nowhere!

That’s huge: Alcaraz sensed his moment after Zverev slipped at the baseline on the opening point, and Zverev not being able to reach the short return. Zverev couldn’t find a first serve and Alcaraz attacked on the forehand side, before putting away the smash.

French Open: Carlos Alcaraz 6-3 2-6 3-2 Alexander Zverev*

16:11 , Jamie Braidwood

Another pressure point for Alcaraz to face at 15-15, but he whips a backhand winner down the line as Zverev closed the net. And that’s more like it! A stunning reverse drop-shot from Alcaraz.

But Zverev drags himself back, hanging on. He closes the net and Alcaraz can only stretch at the at the volley.

Alcaraz is feeling the tension: he switches to serve and volley, and pops the overhead into the open court.

Alcaraz yells again! He’s willing himself into this and roars as he thrashes the forehand winner down the line.

French Open: *Carlos Alcaraz 6-3 2-6 2-2 Alexander Zverev

16:06 , Jamie Braidwood

Alcaraz can’t touch Zverev’s serve right now. The German holds to love for the second game in a row to start the third set.

French Open: Carlos Alcaraz 6-3 2-6 2-1 Alexander Zverev*

16:02 , Jamie Braidwood

Alcaraz roars behind the forehand winner hit down the line! The Spaniard emerges from a tricky game that coughed up another double fault, but that forehand winner was more like it.

Alcaraz yells out as he returns to his chair.

French Open: *Carlos Alcaraz 6-3 2-6 1-1 Alexander Zverev

15:59 , Jamie Braidwood

Zverev is so solid from the baseline right now, to add to that big first serve and strike from inside the line. He holds the love and is putting together a huge run of points.

French Open: Carlos Alcaraz 6-3 2-6 1-0 Alexander Zverev*

15:55 , Jamie Braidwood

Alcaraz led 2-1 in the second set before Zverev won five games in a row to level the match: the Spaniard needs a hold of serve here.

And he gets one, behind a lovely drop shot.

French Open: *Carlos Alcaraz 6-3 2-6 Alexander Zverev - SET!

15:51 , Jamie Braidwood

Zverev’s serve was so much better in the second set, with the German winning over 80 per cent of his first serve points, serving at over 80 per cent too.

Alcaraz couldn’t generate a break point there, while Zverev gave away just four unforced errors. A brilliant set from the German.

The French Open finals in 2022 and 2023 were won in straight-sets, by Nadal and Djokovic, both against Casper Ruud, but we could be going the distance here.

French Open: *Carlos Alcaraz 6-3 2-6 Alexander Zverev - SET!

15:48 , Jamie Braidwood

Sublime serving from Zverev. His thumps an ace out wide and gets to 40-0, so three set points.

Alcaraz chips the reply and Zverev clips the forehand winner. How this has turned. We’re a set all in the French Open final.

French Open: Carlos Alcaraz 6-3 2-5 Alexander Zverev*

15:42 , Jamie Braidwood

This feels like the best level of the match so far. Alcaraz thumps an ace out wide before Zverev lands a huge forehand winner down the line.

Zverev is alive in every rally now. He takes over from the baseline and pushes Alcaraz wide behind the forehand. The Spaniard nets. It’s gone from 40-15 to deuce.

Alcaraz with the backhand dropshot into the net! It’s another break point for Zverev!

Alcaraz saves: finding the forehand strike and then putting away the overhead, but it’s brutal from Zverev as he jumps on the forehand into the corner.

Another break point: and Alcaraz nets! Zverev gets the double break and this is a different match now!


French Open: *Carlos Alcaraz 6-3 2-4 Alexander Zverev

15:37 , Jamie Braidwood

So good from Alcaraz! The Spaniard gets a chance to strike on the forehand as Zverev’s ball kicks off the netcord, but then moves in wonderfully on 15-15 to send a forehand winner past the German.

Zverev lands a brilliant serve out wide, leaving Alcaraz so far from the baseline to do anything with the backhand. Zverev repeats the trick on the other side.

Deuce: Alcaraz works himself inside on the forehand and strikes down the line. Alcaraz finds a brilliant backhand down the line, and then a wonderful pick-up volley.

But Zverev’s reply is even better! What a shot from Zverev, reaching and producing a stunning angle! Alcaraz nets and that’s an impressive hold.

French Open: Carlos Alcaraz 6-3 2-3 Alexander Zverev* - BREAK!

15:29 , Jamie Braidwood

Alcaraz finds himself in a hole on 0-30 and although he finds a stunning drop shot, a forehand into the net hands Zverev a look at two break points at 15-40.

Alcaraz accelerates behind the backhand, while a huge gust kicks up a cloud of dust from the clay and puts Zverev off his backhand strike. 30-40.

Alcaraz send a wild forehand out of the court and Zverev breaks to lead the second set, converting on the fifth break point of the second set!

French Open: *Carlos Alcaraz 6-3 2-2 Alexander Zverev

15:24 , Jamie Braidwood

It looks like this second set could go the distance, as we’re 24 minutes played after four games. Zverev speeds things along with a love hold - more signs that his serve is improving.

French Open: Carlos Alcaraz 6-3 2-1 Alexander Zverev*

15:20 , Jamie Braidwood

A bruising rally from the baseline, the longest of the match at 21 shots, is finished wonderfully by Alcaraz with the forehand winner onto the line.

Zverev nets on the forehand return and turns to his box, venting in frustration. A good hold from Alcaraz.

French Open: *Carlos Alcaraz 6-3 1-1 Alexander Zverev

15:15 , Jamie Braidwood

A very similar game to the previous one as Alcaraz battles back from 40-15 to deuce, as Zverev fails to deal with the Alcaraz forehand.

Zverev lands a big first serve out wide, leaving Alcaraz no room to return from. Another big first serve from Zverev and he lands the smash.

He holds and will need to continue that serving into the second set.

French Open: Carlos Alcaraz 6-3 1-0 Alexander Zverev*

15:10 , Jamie Braidwood

A second break point for Zverev, as Alcaraz lets a lob drop inside the baseline, but Alcaraz replies with the one-two strike as he lands the forehand winner.

Double fault from Alcaraz! Zverev will have another look at break point: but the fourth seed once again can’t land his return.

Alcaraz pushes on the serve out wide, as Zverev fires wide on the forehand - another missed return.

Alcaraz makes no mistake! Backhand winner, fired from the hip! Alcaraz holds serve in 10 minutes. A huge moment early in this second set.


French Open: Carlos Alcaraz 6-3 0-0 Alexander Zverev*

15:05 , Jamie Braidwood

Now then. Alcaraz jumped into a 40-0 lead at the start of the second set, but suddenly throws away the lead as Zverev gets back to deuce. Alcaraz’s backhand lob drifts long and all of a sudden Zverev has a look at break point.

Alcaraz finds a first serve but Zverev can’t return! Chance missed. Zverev misses again on the backhand, pushing long, and has to restrain himself from smashing his racquet in frustration.

Zverev does well to follow in the forehand down the line, getting back to deuce.

French Open: *Carlos Alcaraz 6-3 Alexander Zverev - SET!

14:56 , Jamie Braidwood

A window for Alcaraz he meets a Zverev volley at the net and the German gets the ball stuck under his feet, but Alcaraz then cracks the net on the forehand.

30-30, but Zverev blinks on the foreand and fires long!

Set point to Alcaraz: and a winner to seal it! The ball sits up for Alcaraz in midcourt and the 21-year-old thrashes away the forehand winner to take the set!

There were nervous moment early on, but Alcaraz is loving this!

French Open: Carlos Alcaraz 5-3 Alexander Zverev*

14:51 , Jamie Braidwood

Lightning hands from Alcaraz! Zverev sensed a chance after racing to reach the drop shot and flick a forehand down the line, but Alcaraz was there to meet it on the volley.

Alcaraz then moves to 40-15 after controlling the forehand volley, met brilliantly after moving his feet. Alcaraz moves a game away as Zverev clips the netcord on the forehand crosscourt.

Alcaraz is enjoying this.

French Open: *Carlos Alcaraz 4-3 Alexander Zverev

14:45 , Jamie Braidwood

Sublime from Alcaraz, as Zverev continues to struggle. Alcaraz pulls the German in with a deft drop shot, as Zverev fails to clear the net. It’s 0-30, and Zverev’s first serve has gone missing, too.

Alcaraz finds great depth to the baseline and Zverev can’t adjust as his forehand sails long. There will be two more break points: Alcaraz defends brilliantly and had the chance to pass Zverev at the net! He grins, after netting on the forehand!

Stunning defence from Alcaraz again to retrieve the Zverev smash - only to net again on the backhand! Zverev hangs on to get to deuce.

ACE from Zverev - timely. And that’s a big hold as Alcaraz pushes the backhand out.

French Open: Carlos Alcaraz 4-2 Alexander Zverev*

14:38 , Jamie Braidwood

It’s all flowing Alcaraz’s way right now, with Zverev struggling from the baseline. Alcaraz is throwing all sorts of balls at him and the German is having to hit on the run, react to spin and different depths. Alcaraz isn’t having to hit many winners yet but holds to take a 4-2 lead in this first set.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

French Open: *Carlos Alcaraz 3-2 Alexander Zverev - BREAK!

14:34 , Jamie Braidwood

A chance for Alcaraz, as the Spaniard becomes solid on the baseline to force Zverev into consecutive errors into the net. Three break points: Alcaraz finds a lovely angled forehand, and Zverev nets on the forehand on the run. He gets the break to love!

French Open: Carlos Alcaraz 2-2 Alexander Zverev*

14:31 , Jamie Braidwood

Zverev’s heavier hitting is finding some success early on, but Alcaraz holds with touch as he pulls Zverev short and then holds with a lovely angled drop shot. Six-time French Open champion Bjorn Borg watches on from the first row.

French Open: *Carlos Alcaraz 1-2 Alexander Zverev

14:26 , Jamie Braidwood

That will settle Zverev. The German finds his serve after Alcaraz hits a return straight out before Zverev finds his first ace of the match. Alcaraz nets on the backhand as Zverev gets the first hold of the final.

French Open: Carlos Alcaraz 1-1 Alexander Zverev* - BREAK!

14:23 , Jamie Braidwood

A nervous start on serve, from both players! Now Alcaraz double faults to hand Zverev a look at 0-30. Zverev ramps up the forehand bit can’t find the pass, as the German’s volley drifts wide!

Alcaraz doesn’t do enough with the drop shot. Zverev races into it and puts away the forehand winner. Two break points for Zverev now: his forehand return is clipped wide.

But Zverev gets the break back! Alcaraz shanks a backhand wide and can’t take advantage of the opening break.


French Open: *Carlos Alcaraz 1-0 Alexander Zverev - BREAK!

14:14 , Jamie Braidwood

Wow. Zverev with two double faults in a row to start the final! The German changes his racquet after just two points, with Alcaraz looking at 0-30 in the opening game.

The change helps: Zverev thunders down a first serve straight away as Alcaraz hits a couple of forehands out of play, the Spaniard had a chance at 15-30 but went for too much on the forehand.

Zverev pushes wide so this opening game will go to deuce - Alcaraz moves in well and puts away a stunning slice volley! He will have an early break point.

Zverev can’t find the first serve, and Alcaraz strikes! The Spaniard leaps into the forehand winner and chases after it as it beats Zverev. The perfect start from the 21-year-old, but a nightmare for Zverev after two opening double faults!


French Open: Carlos Alcaraz 0-0 Alexander Zverev*

14:11 , Jamie Braidwood

Handshakes done, warm-ups over, pictures taken. We’re ready to go.

Alcaraz won the toss and chose to receive, so Zverev will serve first.

*denotes next server


French Open: Carlos Alcaraz vs Alexander Zverev

14:05 , Jamie Braidwood

While a right forerm injury limited Carlos Alcaraz to just four matches on clay before the French Open, Alexander Zverev played tournaments in Monte Carlo, Munich, Madrid and Rome - where he won six matches in a row to win his biggest title on clay.

The German was sharp when he defeated Rafael Nadal in his first-round opener. Alcaraz, meanwhile, has had to build his way through the tournament and rediscover his confidence. But has been able to reach the final and now stands on the brink of a third grand slam title.

 (Copyright 2024 The Associated Press. All rights reserved)
(Copyright 2024 The Associated Press. All rights reserved)

French Open: Carlos Alcaraz vs Alexander Zverev

14:05 , Jamie Braidwood

Here we go! Alexander Zverev will be the first out on court as the German emerges from the tunnel into the light on Court Philippe-Chatrier. The 27-year-old has spent more than 19 hours on court so far this tournament, which is considerably more than his opponent.

Now here comes Alcaraz - still sporting that right arm sleeve. The Spaniard has never lost a grand slam final and is the slim favourite here. He seems to be the favourite among the crowd, too. We’re almost ready to go, after the warm-ups.

French Open: Carlos Alcaraz vs Alexander Zverev

13:47 , Jamie Braidwood

Carlos Alcaraz on facing Alexander Zverev: “Sascha, he’s playing great tennis on clay. Big serve, big shots, really solid. It’s going to be a really interesting final.”

On his victory over Jannik Sinner in the semi-finals: “The cramps in this match, it wasn’t as much here as last year. I’m going to say I’m stronger mentally. I knew how to deal with these situations. I knew that the cramps are going to [go] away if I stay there. I know everything what I have to do [in] the situation.

“But the cramping, I knew that I had to stay there. I knew that probably I had to make shorter the points. So I knew much better how to do it this year than last year.”


French Open: Carlos Alcaraz vs Alexander Zverev

13:40 , Jamie Braidwood

Alexander Zverev on Carlos Alcaraz rivalry: “We had very tough battles in the past. It’s going to be a difficult match. It is a Grand Slam final. If you’re in a Grand Slam final, you deserve to be there. That goes for both of us. I think both of is are expecting a tough battle.”

Zverev on coming back from his US Open final defeat in 2020 and his ankle ligament injury in 2022: “You either come back stronger and you come back hungrier, you come back wanting to win more, which I feel like I did in 2021... Or you kind of go into yourself. You drop mentally a bit, as well. I’m happy that I was the sort of person that took the first path.”


French Open: Keys to Carlos Alcaraz vs Alexander Zverev key stats

13:30 , Jamie Braidwood

During the French Open

Aces: Carlos Alcaraz - 22 | 64 - Alexander Zverev

First serve: Carlos Alcaraz - 70% | 75% - Alexander Zverev

Second serve: Carlos Alcaraz - 59% | 52% - Alexander Zverev

Net points: Carlos Alcaraz - 71% | 65% - Alexander Zverev

Break points: Carlos Alcaraz - 48% | 44% - Alexander Zverev

Receiving points: Carlos Alcaraz - 47% | 42% - Alexander Zverev

Winners: Carlos Alcaraz - 226 | 272 - Alexander Zverev

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

French Open: Keys to Carlos Alcaraz vs Alexander Zverev

13:20 , Jamie Braidwood

Alexander Zverev’s improved serve has been key to his performances on clay this season: the German made 86% of his first serves in his semi-final win against Casper Ruud and similar stats today would put him in a great position against Alcaraz.

The Spaniard is a brilliant counter-puncher, but Zverev dominated on serve in the pair Australian Open quarter-final earlier this season - with Alcaraz having a look at just five break points across the four sets.

Alcaraz made a slow start to that match in Melbourne, as he did in the semi-final against Sinner, and can’t afford another against such a big server. Alcaraz’s variety and speed will always give him a certain advantage against Zverev, especially if his first serve percentage dips and Alcaraz can attack the second.

French Open: Carlos Alcaraz and Alexander Zverev arrivals

13:10 , Jamie Braidwood

Carlos Alcaraz and Alexander Zverev arrived at Roland Garros bright and early this morning. It’s a sunny, clear day in Paris, which should lead to conditions that favour big-serving and attacking play from the baseline. Both players had to slog it out during the first week, where the roof was often closed and resulted in a very different tournament.

Carlos Alcaraz: Route to French Open final

13:00 , Jamie Braidwood

R1: vs JJ Wolf, 6-1 6-2 6-1

R2: vs Jesper de Jong, 6-3 6-4 2-6 6-2

R3: vs Seb Korda (27), 6-4 7-6 6-3

R4: vs Felix Auger-Aliassime (21), 6-3 6-3 6-1

QFs: vs Stefanos Tsitsipas (9), 6-3 7-6 6-4

SFs: vs Jannik Sinner (2), 2-6 6-3 3-6 4-6 6-3

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French Open: Coco Gauff and Katerina Siniakova win women’s doubles title!

12:41 , Jamie Braidwood

Coco Gauff: “This is my third final so third time is a charm. Thank you Katerina for agreeing to play with me, it was very last minute. Congratulations to Sara and Jasmine for a great tournament and congratulations Jasmine for a great tournament in singles.

“Thank you for my team - it’s been a fun two weeks with you guys in singles and doubles. I know it’s been long and we’re all ready to go and have fun. Paris is my favourite city.”

French Open: Alexander Zverev on ‘journey’ to Roland Garros final

12:40 , Jamie Braidwood

Alexander Zverev spoke about his “journey” to his second grand slam final before facing Carlos Alcaraz today, and it’s certainly been an interesting one.

From losing the US Open final to Dominic Thiem from two sets up in 2020, to breaking his ankle when facing Rafael Nadal in the French Open semi-finals in 2022, Zverev has taken the long road to get himself back to grand slam contention.

Can the German, who won the Rome title to mark him as one of the favourites for Roland Garros, now take the next step? The 27-year-old has long been tipped to step into the dominance left behind by Djokovic, Nadal and Federer, but has seen the likes of Alcaraz and Jannik Sinner overtake him in recent years.

“Going from basically the US Open final where I was two points away, to being rolled off in a wheelchair here two years ago. It’s all part of my journey,” he said.

“Look, I’m in the final. I haven’t won yet. But I just want to play my best tennis and give myself the best chance. If I am able to do that and if I am able to lift that trophy, it will mean the world to me.”


French Open: Coco Gauff and Katerina Siniakova win women’s doubles title!

12:30 , Jamie Braidwood

Coco Gauff is a doubles champion! The American and Czech partner Katerina Siniakova have defeated Jasmine Paolini and Sara Errani to win the French Open women’s doubles title. It’s Siniakova eighth doubles title at the grand slams.

More heartbreak for the Italian Paolini, who was beaten in the singles final by Iga Swiatek yesterday. Gauff, the US Open champion in singles, now adds a doubles title to the 20-year-old’s impressive resume.

Gauff usually plays doubles with American partner Jessica Pegula, but the World No 5 had to withdraw from the French Open due to injury. Gauff and Siniakova have proved to be a dream pairing. Siniakova hads a third French Open women’s titles.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

French Open: Alexander Zverev settles abuse case with former girlfriend

12:20 , Jamie Braidwood

On Friday, Alexander Zverev reached an out-of-court settlement with his former girlfriend, who accused the German tennis star of strangling her during an argument in May 2020.

According to reports in Germany, the settlement includes a monetary condition of 200,000 euros. The discontinuation of the trial does not constitute a finding of guilt or an admission of guilt, a statement from Zverev’s lawyers said.

“The process against Alexander Zverev was shelved today by the court with the agreement of the prosecutor’s office and Ms Brenda Patea,” a statement from the World No 4’s defence team said, hours before his French Open semi-final against Casper Ruud.

“Alexander Zverev agreed to this in order to shorten the process especially in the interest of the child they have together. Alexander Zverev remains innocent.”

According to the court, 150,000 euros of Zverev’s fine will go to the state with the other 50,000 euros going to charity, with both Zverev and Patea agreeing to stop the trial.

Zverev settles abuse case with ex-girlfriend before French Open semi

French Open: Coco Gauff and Katerina Siniakova win opening set of doubles final

12:07 , Jamie Braidwood

The opening set of the women’s doubles final goes the way of Coco Gauff and Katerina Siniakova, who edge the first-set tiebreak against Jasmine Paolini and Sara Erranil. The American-Czech pair have the break of serve in the second set, too.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Alexander Zverev: Route to French Open final

12:00 , Jamie Braidwood

R1: vs Rafael Nadal - 6-3 7-6 6-3

R2: vs David Goffin - 7-6 6-2 6-2

R3: vs Tallon Griekspoor (26) - 3-6 6-3 6-2 4-6 7-6

R4: vs Holger Rune (13) - 4-6 6-1 5-7 7-6 6-2

QFs: vs Alex de Minaur (11) - 6-4 7-6 6-4

SFs: vs Casper Ruud (7) - 2-6 6-2 6-4 6-2

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The key to Carlos Alcaraz and Jannik Sinner’s ‘weird’ French Open semi-final

11:40 , Jamie Braidwood

As Carlos Alcaraz advanced into his first French Open final, the 21-year-old broke into a wide smile. He had beaten rival Jannik Sinner in five sets, overturning a rocky start to outlast the player who will be turning world No 1 on Monday. Alcaraz’s victory, 2-6 6-3 3-6 6-4 6-3 in four hours and nine minutes, was not the classic that was expected between the two finest players of their generation, but it was a victory to display the vast amount of experience the Spaniard has already accumulated on these stages, acquiring the physical and mental tools to progress.

“You have to find the joy in suffering, that’s the key, even more on clay in Roland Garros,” Alcaraz grinned. “Long rallies, four-hour matches, five sets, you have to suffer. But you have to enjoy suffering.” He is now the youngest player in tennis history to reach grand slam finals on all three surfaces, after winning the US Open and Wimbledon. Unlike the 22-year-old Sinner, this was not his first time in a French Open semi-final. While Sinner struggled with cramps, stretching out his hand and arm due to “tension” in the third set, Alcaraz had been there before.

The key to Carlos Alcaraz and Jannik Sinner’s ‘weird’ French Open semi-final

French Open: Carlos Alcaraz and Alexander Zverev’s grand slam records

11:20 , Jamie Braidwood

Carlos Alcaraz made history by becoming the youngest player to reach grand slam finals on all three surfaces. The Spaniard defeated Casper Ruud to win the US Open at the age of 19 in 2022, before winning an epic Wimbledon final against Novak Djokovic the following summer. Alcaraz will be playing in his first French Open final following victory over Jannik Sinner in the semi-finals.

Zverev is also playing in his first French Open final. The German had lost three semi-finals in a row before earning revenge over Casper Ruud on Friday. While Zverev is an Olympic champion and two-time ATP Finals winner, he has never won a grand slam. The closest he came was at the US Open in 2020. Zverev became the first player to lost a US Open final from two sets up in the open era, as Dominic Thiem claimed his first grand slam title.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)
 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

French Open: Carlos Alcaraz and Alexander Zverev head-to-head

11:00 , Jamie Braidwood

Alexander Zverev holds the head-to-head over Carlos Alcaraz, and the German is the opponent the young Spaniard has faced the most often so far in his career with nine meetings.

Three of those have come to at the grand slams, with Zverev winning two of them when he was not considered the favourite. That includes wins over Alcaraz in the 2022 French Open semi-finals and 2024 Australian Open quarter-finals.

2024 - Indian Wells: Alcaraz 6-3 6-1

2024 - Australian Open: Zverev 6-1 6-3 6-7 6-4

2023 - ATP Finals: Zverev 6-7 6-3 6-4

2023 - US Open: Alcaraz 6-3 6-2 6-4

2023 - Madrid: Alcaraz 6-1 6-2

2022 - French Open: Zverev 6-4 6-4 4-6 7-6

2022 - Madrid: Alcaraz 6-3 6-1

2021 - Vienna: Zverev 6-3 6-3

2021: Acapulco: 6-3 6-1

Alexander Zverev, left, embraces Carlos Alcaraz after this year’s Australian Open quarter-final (AP)
Alexander Zverev, left, embraces Carlos Alcaraz after this year’s Australian Open quarter-final (AP)

French Open: A historic French Open final

10:40 , Jamie Braidwood

This afternoon’s French Open final will be the first without either Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer or Novak Djokovic since 2004, as a new French Open men’s champion will be crowned.

Nadal won 14 French Open titles between 2005 and 2022, with Federer winning his first in 2009 and Djokovic claiming victory in 2015, 2021 and 2023. Stanislas Wawrinka also beat Djokovic in two finals.

Nadal was beaten in this year’s French Open first round by Alexander Zverev, while Djokovic withdrew before his quarter-final due to a right knee injury.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

French Open: Iga Swiatek says fourth Roland Garros title ’emotional’

10:15 , Jamie Braidwood

Iga Swiatek on an “emotional” French Open title after victory over Jasmine Paolinin:

“When I talk about pressure, I usually put pressure on myself because of pressure of the outside,” she said.

“Obviously I’m a perfectionist, so there is always pressure behind me. But I think I’m fine with handling my own pressure.

“It’s when the pressure from the outside hits me, then it’s a little bit worse. But I managed it really well at this tournament.

“It was an emotional win, because I felt a lot of stress yesterday and today in the morning. And I knew if I’m going to just focus on tennis I can kind of fight through it, and at the end it all went how I wanted. So I just felt really proud of myself.”

French Open champion Iga Swiatek with the ball kids (AP)
French Open champion Iga Swiatek with the ball kids (AP)

Iga Swiatek races to third straight French Open title with victory over Jasmine Paolini

09:45 , Jamie Braidwood

Iga Swiatek swept to a fourth French Open crown to keep her Queen of Clay title at Roland Garros.

The world number one from Poland brushed aside Italian underdog Jasmine Paolini 6-2 6-1 in and hour and eight minutes.

King of Clay Rafael Nadal may have played his last French Open this year but Swiatek comprehensively proved once again she is also Roland Garros royalty.

She is the first woman to win three consecutive Roland Garros titles since Justine Henin in 2007 and only the third to achieve the feat in Open history, along with Monica Seles.

Swiatek is undefeated in Paris since 2021, 21 matches ago, and has won 34 of her 36 matches here, a record matched only by Seles and Chris Evert.

Swiatek races to third straight French Open title with victory over Paolini

French Open: Carlos Alcaraz on his first Roland Garros final

09:20 , Jamie Braidwood

Carlos Alcaraz wants to continue Rafael Nadal’s dominance of the French Open and keep the Spanish titles coming in Paris.

“I have a special feeling about this tournament,” said the 21-year-old, who plays in his first French Open final today.

“I remember when I finished school, running to my home just to put the TV on and watch the matches here in the French Open.

“I watched a lot of matches. Of course Rafa Nadal dominating this tournament for, let’s say, 14, 15 years. It’s something unbelievable.

“I wanted to put my name on that list of the Spanish players who won this tournament.

“Not only Rafa. Ferrero, Moya, Costa, a lot of Spanish players, legends from our sport that won this tournament, I really want to put my name on that list, as well.”

Carlos Alcaraz celebrates beating Jannik Sinner in the semi-finals (AP)
Carlos Alcaraz celebrates beating Jannik Sinner in the semi-finals (AP)

French Open: Women’s doubles final coming up first

09:04 , Jamie Braidwood

Jasmine Paolini may have lost the women’s singles final to Iga Swiatek yesterday, but the Italian could yet taste silverware at Roland Garros as she bids for glory in the women’s doubles final at 10:30am.

Paolini and Italian playing partner, the former World No 1 Sara Errani, are taking on the team of US Open champion Coco Gauff and Czech player Katerina Siniakova.

This is Gauff’s third grand slam final in doubles, but the American is yet to win one. She lost the French Open final with Jessica Pegula in 2022, the same year she lost to Swiatek in the singles final.

Paolini is playing in a grand slam doubles final for the first time. Yesterday was her first singles final, so it’s been quite the weekend for the 28-year-old.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

French Open: Is Carlos Alcaraz vs Alexander Zverev on TV?

09:01 , Jamie Braidwood

When is it?

The French Open men’s final between Alexander Zverev and Carlos Alcaraz will not start before 1:30pm BST.

How can I watch it?

Viewers in the United Kingdom can watch the final live on Eurosport 1, with build-up on the channel from 1.00pm BST. Subscribers can stream the action via Discovery+.

Watch every moment of Roland-Garros LIVE and exclusive on discovery+, Eurosport and Eurosport App

Good morning

09:00 , Jamie Braidwood

A new French Open men’s champion will be crowned when Carlos Alcaraz faces Alexander Zverev this afternoon, in the first Roland Garros men’s final to be played without Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer or Novak Djokovic since 2004.

Both Alcaraz and Zverev came through difficult semi-finals to earn a place in their first French Open final. Spaniard Alcaraz, 21, overcame Jannik Sinner in a thrilling five-set encounter on Friday. In doing so, he became the youngest man in the Open Era to reach singles finals in grand slams events on clay, grass and hard courts.

Zverev, who defeated Nadal in the opening round of the tournament, beat two-time finalist Casper Ruud in four sets on Friday and the German, 27, is appearing in his second grand slam final. THe fourth seed lost his first from two sets up against Dominic Thiem in the 2020 US Open final. Alcaraz has won both of his grand slam finals, at the US Open and Wimbledon.

Follow all the latest tennis scores and results from the final day at the French Open in today’s live blog.