Reporter's 'disgusting' question for Iga Swiatek after French Open win

Iga Swiatek, pictured here speaking to reporters after her French Open victory.
Iga Swiatek speaks to reporters after her French Open victory. (Photo by Robert Prange/Getty Images)

A reporter has drawn the ire of the tennis world after a shocking question for Iga Swiatek in the wake of her French Open triumph.

The World No.1 won her second French Open crown on Saturday, extending her unbeaten streak to 35 matches after beating Coco Gauff 6-1 6-3 in the Roland Garros final.

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However a bizarre moment in her post-match press conference has threatened to overshadow Swiatek's historic triumph.

While speaking to reporters in the press room alongside her trophy, the 21-year-old was asked a truly baffling question about wearing make-up.

“Outside of the court, when you go to a party, do you use make-up?” the reporter asked.

“Do you like to go elegant and smart and so on?

“Because many players we have seen in the past, they were staying hours in front of the mirror before going on court and using the make-up and you seem very natural like this.”

Swiatek, rather taken aback by the question, simply replied: “OK. Thank you.”

Tennis broadcaster Catherine Whitaker tweeted a transcript of the question, writing: "Here’s a thing that World Number One and freshly crowned French Open Champion Iga Swiatek was asked in her press conference today. Presenting without comment because there are no words."

Replying to comments from followers, Whitaker wrote: “Tell me, what do her make up preferences say about her personality?”

“Actually mostly (here anyway) they ask brilliant questions. But questions like this ruin it for everyone.

“I should add, it was one question in an otherwise brilliant press conference. Thoughtful, pertinent questions from journalists and considered, insightful answers from Swiatek.

"Which is what the player, and the media deserves.”

Other social media users described the question as "horrific" and "disgraceful".

Iga Swiatek breaks Serena Williams' record

In winning her 35th-consecutive match, Swiatek broke Serena Williams' longest streak of 34.

“I think honestly, it may seem pretty weird, but having that 35th win and kind of doing something more than Serena did, it’s something special," Swiatek said.

“Because I always wanted to … have some kind of a record. In tennis it’s pretty hard after Serena’s career.

“So that really hit me, you know. Obviously winning a grand slam too, but this one was pretty special because I felt like I’ve done something that nobody has ever done, and maybe it’s gonna be even more.”

Having won her past six tournaments and improving her record to 42-3 this season, Swiatek has emerged as the dominant figure in women's tennis.

Iga Swiatek, pictured here celebrating with the trophy after her French Open triumph.
Iga Swiatek celebrates with the trophy after her French Open triumph. (Photo by John Berry/Getty Images)

Williams has been out of action for nearly a year and Ash Barty announced in March she was retiring at age 25 and relinquishing the No.1 ranking.

"Two years ago, winning this title was something amazing. Honestly, I wouldn't expect it, ever," Swiatek said.

"But this time, I feel like I worked hard and did everything to get here, even though it was pretty tough. The pressure was big."

The 18-year-old Gauff was no match for the World No.1 on Saturday, but could hold her head high after a remarkable run into the Roland Garros final.

"The past couple months have truly been amazing and you totally deserve it," Gauff told Swiatek in the post-match ceremony.

"Hopefully we can play each other in more finals, and maybe I can get a win on you one of these days!"

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