Francis Ngannou perfectly used the Kevin James meme after Tyson Fury’s withdrawal vs. Oleksandr Usyk

You know that Kevin James meme that took over the internet last year and continues to get used, the picture of him from the set of “The King of Queens”? Francis Ngannou just executed use of it to perfection.

There was big boxing news that broke Friday when it was announced that Tyson Fury had to withdraw from his highly anticipated undisputed heavyweight title fight with Oleksandr Usyk on Feb. 17 in Saudi Arabia. The reason is 100 percent legit as, Fury suffered a nasty gash over his right eye in training that will require stitches. With two weeks until fight night, there’s no way he could compete.

Ngannou, of course, pushed Fury to the brink last October when he knocked him down but lost a split decision in his professional boxing debut. The former UFC heavyweight champion has another huge boxing showdown in front of him when he takes on Anthony Joshua on March 9 in Saudi Arabia.

With Fury vs. Usyk shelved for the time being, Ngannou made a pitch on social media in the wake of the news – and that’s where the Kevin James meme comes into play.

Check it out (via X):

So me and Joshua for the undisputed title March 8? 😏

That Photoshop work is too seamless lol. Well played, Francis!

Story originally appeared on MMA Junkie