France opens terror probe after police worker killed

An anti-terrorism investigation has been launched in France after a police administrative worker was fatally stabbed near Paris on Friday.

The attacker, identified as a Tunisian national living in France, is said to have stabbed the women in the throat as she walked into a police station.

According to a source, the attacker shouted "Allahu Akbar," or "God is Greatest" during the assault before being shot dead by police officers at the scene.

President Emmanuel Macron identified the victim as Stephanie and said the nation stood by her family's side.

He tweeted: "We will stop at nothing in our resolute fight against Islamist terrorism."

France has seen multiple terror attacks in recent years that have killed about 250 people.

Friday’s incident came six months after a Chechen teenager beheaded a schoolteacher near Paris.

Macron has expressed increasing concern over radicalisation - often non-violent - within Muslim communities.