'Big things start with small steps': Wife's cryptic Michael Schumacher update

Six years ago, a skiing accident left Formula One legend Michael Schumacher in a coma that he has never recovered from.

Updates on the German driver’s condition have been rare and his family have preferred to keep details around the tragedy to themselves.

Little is known about Schumacher’s condition - he has not been seen in public since being put into a medically induced coma after a traumatic brain injury sustained while skiing with his son in the French Alps in December 2013.

Reports surfaced in September that the motorsport legend was transferred to a Paris hospital for secret treatment, with the Schumacher family last making an update on his condition at the start of the year to mark his 50th birthday.

However, with the sixth anniversary of Schumacher's life-altering accident coming up, his wife Corinna has given another cryptic update to supporters.

She's urged fans to remain strong in a show of unity, insisting that their support can assist the F1 great's recovery.

“Many small particles can form a huge mosaic,” Corinna said.

Michael Schumacher was left in a coma after a 2013 skiing accident. Pic: Getty

“Together you are stronger, and that is exactly how combined forces of the KeepFighting movement make it easier to encourage others.”

A new social media page titled ‘KeepFightingMichael’ is being launched by Schumacher’s fan club in Kerpen, marking six years to the day that Schumacher suffered the head trauma while skiing with his son, Mick.

The fan club will use the #KeepFighting message to gain interest on social media, while the family’s foundation of the same name raises money for victims of similar accidents and research into brain and spinal cord injuries.

“Unfortunately, the time has come again, the sixth anniversary of Michael's accident is coming around,” said Reiner Ferling, chairman of Schumacher’s fan club in his hometown.

“Six years full of hope that Michael will one day go out in public again.

“We know that Michael is in good hands, that he gets love, security and confidence. Michael can count himself lucky to have such a strong family behind him.

“As a fan club, we will provide all kinds of support that we can provide.”

Former manager accuses Schumacher’s wife of cover-up

Last month, the former manager of Michael Schumacher has hit out at the F1 legend's wife for hiding the condition of her husband from his fans.

Willi Weber, who was a long-term manager for the seven-time Formula One world champion, claims requests to visit his former client have been knocked back by the German's wife, Corinna.

In a documentary series that aired on German TV, Weber accused Corinna of blocking his attempts to see Schumacher out of fear that he will expose the F1 great's condition to the public.

Corinna Schumacher has kept news of Michael's condition very private. Pic: Getty

“I know that Michael has been hit hard, but unfortunately I do not know what progress he makes,” he said on The Michael Schumacher Tale RTL special.

“I’d like to know how he’s doing and shake hands or stroke his face.

“But unfortunately, this is rejected by Corinna.

“She’s probably afraid that I’ll see right away what’s going on and make the truth public.”

However, Weber says he refuses to give up hope that Schumacher can make a full recovery from his extraordinary ordeal.

“I firmly believe in Michael’s recovery, because I know he is a fighter,” Weber said.

“If there is a chance, he will use it. That cannot be the end.

“I pray for him and am convinced that we will see him again.”