Martin Brundle burns Cara Delevingne as model hits back over F1 grid snub

The British celebrity was at the centre of an F1 incident that has made headlines around the world.

Seen here, F1 icon Martin Brundle tries to interview Cara Delevingne at the British Grand Prix.
F1 icon Martin Brundle burned Cara Delevingne after the English model and actor snubbed a grid talk with him at the British Grand Prix. Pic: Sky Sports

There have been some memorable Martin Brundle grid walk moments in recent years, but the F1 icon's latest effort may have taken the cake. The legendary Sky Sports motorsport commentator is becoming famous for his often cringeworthy interview attempts with celebrities before races, and it was no exception at the British Grand Prix when he spotted model and actor, Cara Delevingne.

Brundle has often been made to look a bit silly after failed attempts to speak with some of the biggest names in the world, but he turned the tables on Delevingne in a savage moment at Silverstone that sent the internet into meltdown. Despite being told that he couldn't speak with the English star, Brundle decided to try his luck anyway.

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The veteran F1 caller hadn't even opened his mouth when an official came over to put a stop to any attempts at trying to chat with Delevingne. Brundle replied: “She doesn’t want to talk? But everybody needs to talk on the grid? That’s the deal now. Everybody talks on the grid.”

Brundle refused to be shut down and after pushing past the serious-looking official, proceeded to try and convince Delevingne that she was obliged to speak. His words ultimately fell on deaf ears though as the model politely told Brundle that she couldn't hear him.

Turning away in defeat, Brundle then delivered a brutal burn after muttering: “Ok… I’m sure it would have been extremely interesting”, in a tone absolutely dripping in sarcasm. The hilarious moment took social media by storm as viewers reacted to Brundle's savage comeback, while hitting out at Delevingne's snub.

Cara Delevingne responds to Martin Brundle moment

Delevingne commented on the controversial moment afterwards and insisted she was “told to say no”, in regards to speaking with Brundle. The actor responded to one of her supporters who hit out at Brundle over what was described as obvious PR stunt from the iconic caller.

"At this point, Martin Brundle is just doing it to manufacture the moment for the controversy of it all," the user tweeted. "You can clearly see the PR rep tell him "no" and shake his head when he goes up towards Cara Delevingne. He had an out and he chose not to take it to make a statement."

Delevingne insisted she enjoyed the F1 experience despite how it may have come across to critics. “I was told to say no so I did," she said. "Thank you for seeing both sides. Anyway, I had so much fun today and was so happy to be there no matter what anyone else may think.”

Martin Brundle's awkward history of grid chats with celebs

Brundle has had mixed results with some of his recent grid talks, after famously being snubbed by the likes of Serena and Venus Williams and mistaking NBA star Paolo Banchero for NFL quarterback Patrick Mahomes last year. He was also involved in a hilarious moment with Roger Federer earlier in the year, that saw legendary F1 driver Jackie Stewart jump in to secure him an interview.

Pictured here is F1 legend Jackie Stewart and tennis great Roger Federer at the Miami GP.
F1 legend Jackie Stewart helped iconic caller Martin Brundle get an interview with Roger Federer at the Miami GP. Pic: ESPN/Getty

The 84-year-old British motorsport legend defied the security presence at the Miami GP in May, breaking through a cordoned-off area, before making a bee-line for Federer on Brundle's behalf. Stewart paid no attention to the security guards trying to stop him, pressing on towards the Swiss tennis great with a concerned Brundle heard calling out in the background: “Don’t beat up Jackie Stewart!” The legendary F1 driver eventually managed to pull Federer aside and escorted him over to Brundle for a short interview.

Brundle was at the centre of other funny moments in Miami earlier this year, including a reunion with Banchero, who had seemingly forgiven the F1 caller for last year's mix-up. Brundle also spotted Venus Williams but opted not to try and have a chat after being burned in the past. “There’s one of the Williams sisters but I honestly don’t think I can handle the rejection this time,” he said.

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