'Shall I lump on?': The texts that landed Kieran Tripper in trouble

Kieran Trippier (pictured) playing for Atletico Madrid.
The texts that helped bust Kieran Trippier (pictured) for breaching the English Football Association rules have been revealed. (Getty Images)

FIFA have stepped in and suspended Kieran Trippier’s ban for a betting violation after his WhatsApp messages over a high-profile transfer were revealed to his mates in an FA document.

As Trippier was trying to secure a move from Tottenham, the England defender was sending messages on WhatsApp to keep friends updated with the progress of the transfer.

They were more than just keen on knowing which country Trippier would be moving to. They hoped to personally make a bit of cash, too, on him joining Atletico Madrid.

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"Shall I lump on you going there?" one friend, Matthew Brady, who owns a personal assistant service for sports stars, texted Trippier on the evening of July 14, 2019.

"Can do mate," Trippier replied.

Brady wanted certainty: "100% Tripps?"

"Yeah mate," the player responded. "Don't blame me if something goes wrong. ... It shouldn't but just letting you no."

Then Trippier added, using a term for betting: "Lump on if you want mate."

By providing inside information that could be used for betting, Trippier was in breach of the English Football Association rules designed to protect the integrity of the game.

"Could only put a little bit on mate, they massively restricted the bet, keep me posted pal," Brady wrote.

"No worries mate," Trippier replied.

Tripper has always denied the charges.

The initial suspension hit his Spanish club hard as the right-back has played every minute of all of Atletico’s La Liga and Champions League games this season.

He was forced to miss the 1-0 win over Getafe last Wednesday.

Trippier breaches English FA rules

By providing inside information that could be used for betting, Trippier was found to be in breach of English Football Association rules designed to protect the integrity of the game.

Trippier, 30, was banned for 10 weeks and fined PS70,000 ($A123,265), although it has since been suspended pending an appeal.

FIFA announced the initial ban would be suspended “until the procedure is over before the FIFA Appeal Committee”.

Details of the messages - and others to friends about the transfer and betting - were contained in the 41-page findings published by the FA on Tuesday.

The FA regulatory commission said the messages "very strongly suggest" Brady "would bet on the transfer" and Trippier knew.

"We simply do not accept that these messages would be read by KT as 'banter,'" the FA commission said of Trippier.

"The purpose of the messaging is quite clear. MB was seeking reassurance that he should bet heavily on KT's transfer to Atletico; KT provided such reassurance."

The FA findings point to media reports on July 10, 2019 showing Atletico was stepping up attempts to sign Trippier.

The next day, another friend of Trippier's sent a message saying he's got odds of 6-1 on the transfer.

Twenty pounds was bet by another friend, Oliver Hawley, who placed another two bets later on at odds of 7-2.

"It's happening," Trippier texted in the evening, which led to Hawley placing bets of 65 pounds (7-2) and 40 pounds (9-4).

In the early hours of July 13, Hawley wagered another 20 pounds at odds of 6/4.

"Come Madrid with me to sign mate," Tripper wrote to the "Pint" WhatsApp chat group shortly after Hawley posted a message.

About 90 minutes later, Hawley placed another bet of 20 pounds on the transfer at odds of 4-1.

There were two further bets of 22 pounds at odds of 5-6 that day and Hawley bet 20 pounds and 300 pounds on July 16 as the transfer neared conclusion before being announced the following day.

Trippier, who scored in England's 2018 World Cup semifinal loss to Croatia, has not commented on the ban.

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