Sergio Aguero escapes ban for 'unacceptable' lineswoman incident

Riley Morgan
·Sports Reporter
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Sergio Aguero (pictured right) putting his arm around Assistant referee Sian Massey-Ellis (pictured left) at Etihad Stadium.
Assistant referee Sian Massey-Ellis (pictured left) and Sergio Aguero (pictured right) during the Premier League match between Manchester City and Arsenal at Etihad Stadium on October 17, 2020. (Getty Images)

Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero won’t be punished for placing his arm around the lineswoman during the clash against Arsenal in a crazy weekend of Premier League football.

Aguero came under fire on the weekend after the Argentine striker placed his arm around lineswoman Sian Massey as he tried to argue a throw-in.

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During the match, the ball hit the 32-year-old star before going out of play.

But Aguero took exception to the call and tried to argue his point, which included a moment where he put his arm around the official.

Many found this action ‘unacceptable’, including former teammate Micah Richards who claimed on Sky Sports he was lucky not to be marched down the tunnel and he “needs to know better”.

New Zealand football star Rosie White also claimed it was “not okay” for Aguero to place his hands on the official.

This was reiterated with Premier League legend Alan Shearer.

“He shouldn’t put his hand on the assistant referee,” Shearer said.

“It just wasn’t a good look, was it? He shouldn’t do it.”

Aguero escapes punishment for lineswoman incident

But the FA reviewed the incident and ruled Aguero didn’t commit and offence and has escaped punishment following the match.

A player can be deemed to have committed an offence if he touches an offical in an aggressive and threatening manner, which Aguero has been ruled not to have done.

Following the match, Man Citty coach Pep Guardiola fervently defended Aguero and his kind-hearted nature.

“Hey, come on guys. Come on guys,” he told reporters.

“Sergio is the nicest person I ever met in my life. We can look at the problems in other situations but not in this one. Come on.”

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