'Fyre Festival 2.0': Uproar over $93 quarantine sandwich

A photo of an underwhelming sandwich shared by an MLS player in the Disney World bubble.
MLS players have shared photos of their underwhelming lunch meals. Pic: Twitter@_AIR_RIQ_

Professional sport set to resume at Disney World in Orlando; it seems like a dream scenario after months without competition and in lockdown due to the COVID-19 crisis.

However, for players in America's professional soccer league, the MLS, the dream has quickly turned into something of a nightmare.

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On paper, the bubble that MLS players have been put in sounds pretty sweet, with accomodation and meals included.

With mouth-watering options on the $65 ($A93) lunch menu including “bourbon-glazed smoked Virginia ham and alpine Swiss cheese” sandwiches, the players may have been under the impression that they would be living it up despite the strict quarantine conditions they find themselves under.

Much like the infamous Fyfe Festival that promised so much and delivered so little, however, the reality is leaving a bad taste in many of the player's mouths.

Toronto FC player Omar Gonzalez posted an image of his $65 lunch meal which included a basic sandwich, banana and a small side.

One glance at the picture and it’s abundantly clear that the meal does not constitute a $93 lunch.

Teammate Eriz Zavaleta also seemed less than impressed by his sandwich, accompanying the photo of it with a grimacing emoji.

“Nothing like a $65 sandwich to get the recovery going! Can’t wait…,” Toronto FC goalie Alexander Bono wrote.

The eye-opening photos led to fellow players making inevitable comparisons to Fyre Festival and the infamous gourmet cheese sandwich that became a global joke on social media.

“Fyre festival. @MLS edition….,” Colorado Rapids midfielder Kellyn Acosta wrote in a follow-up tweet.

The quality of the food is the least of the concerns for MLS players, however, with six members of one team all testing positive for COVID-19.

Virus outbreak threatens MLS restart

With just one week until the season resumes, it's now been revealed six FC Dallas stars have tested positive for the virus since arriving in Orlando.

The Athletic’s Sam Stejskal and Paul Tenorio confirmed the original report from FC Dallas blog 3rd Degree, which has been doing its own independent reporting.

While it’s surprising that all the positives are reportedly on just one team, it makes a sense that it’s a team from Texas, which is experiencing one of the country’s worst and most alarming COVID-19 spikes.

MLS has moved all players who tested positive to isolation in a different part of the host hotel. In their statement, they also revealed that no other members of the MLS delegation at the host hotel have tested positive, and no other club has been in contact with FC Dallas since they arrived in Florida.

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