'Started a war': TV host's shirt sparks beef between football fans

Maya Jama, pictured here in her Rangers jersey.
Maya Jama sparked a war between Celtic and Rangers fans. Image: Twitter/Getty

British TV presenter Maya Jama has sparked a war between Celtic and Rangers fans after a photo of her in the blue jersey of Rangers was posted online.

The co-host of BBC show ‘Save Our Summer’ with former England international Peter Crouch, Jama accidentally ignited a war between fans by declaring Stephen Gerrard’s men her “Scottish team.”

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Jama responded to a social media user who posted the photo on Sunday.

“Not sure how you found this photo but I actually have a group of friends from Glasgow & for my birthday one of em got me that top & debated with the others for like an hour why I should be a Rangers fan...they can be my Scottish team,” she wrote on Twitter.

But Celtic fans - who have one of the fiercest and often most violent rivalries in world sport with Rangers fans - were not happy.

Jama was forced to take the post down after backlash from disgusted Celtic supporters.

“Woah woah woah,” she tweeted.

“Judging by the replies to my last tweet I think im gna remain mutual.

“I don’t want the smoke & I wana go out in Glasgow in peace in future Lool love you all, Lowe me.

“Ffs tryna have a relaxing weekend away & now I’ve started a Celtic v Rangers war in my mentions.”

She also took to Instagram to address the saga.

“Loool I bloody love the Scottish but I've now realised I have to be mutual in the football team department if I don't want world war 3 in my mentions,” she said.

“Also my grandad lived in Dollar in Scotland so what team do you support if you live there? Question.”

A Celtics supporter wrote: “Maybe if you go put a Celtic top on now then most Celtic fans will forgive you.”

Another football fan said: “Don’t worry, That war has been going on for a long long time.”

While another replied: “Never - And I repeat Never - get into a Glasgow football discussion.”

Maya Jama slams outfit criticism

Earlier this year Jama called out trolls online after copping some nasty comments about a dress she wore on an episode of ‘Save Our Summer’.

Jama ran into controversy in June when fans hit out at her ‘revealing’ dress.

The 25-year-old didn’t take kindly to the backlash, exposing the nasty comments on Twitter.

“Appreciate your concern. I am able and allowed to dress how I please,” Jama responded to one fan.

“If you feel uncomfortable by my boobs sitting in my dress that’s on you sis.

“We're all fighting for equality and similar treatment to our male counterparts. Don't let the side down by hyper sexualising my bod.”

Jama also fired back at another troll who said she looked ‘obese’ and suggested she ‘go on a diet’.

“You look like you p**s ash, please focus on your own vitamin intake,” she said.

Jama said she was responding publicly “not for sympathy or for you guys to get at them but just to remind you that people are MAD on here and more time if someone's gone out the way to be mean to a stranger unprovoked it's a reflection on them not you.”

“I laugh at it now cause I’m used to it but for those that aren’t and if you are experiencing the effects of an unhappy troll just mute or block and try to feel sorry for them.”