'Distraught' family reveals Perth footballer's health has 'deteriorated'

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Pictured here, Danny Hodgson with family on the left and in a coma on the right after a Perth assault.
Danny Hodgson was left in a coma after the assault at a Perth train station. Image: Facebook

The parents of Perth-based footballer Danny Hodgson admit they are "distraught" after revealing that his condition has taken a turn for the worse, following an alleged assault last month.

Just two weeks ago, Hodgson's parents revealed their son opened his eyes after an allegedly violent and unprovoked assault at a Perth train station left him in a coma.

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Hodgson, who plays for ECU Joondalup in the National Premier Leagues Western Australia, was left in a critical condition after the alleged incident on September 5.

The England-born striker had been celebrating the end of his season with teammates when he was allegedly struck from behind while walking into a Perth train station.

A 15-year-old boy has since been charged with one count of grievous bodily harm, with police alleging the attack was unprovoked and that the boy fled the scene without rendering assistance.

Since detailing the improvement in their son's condition a fortnight ago, his parents have now shared a heartbreaking update on Facebook, revealing that his health has "deteriorated" over recent days.

Danny Hodgson is pictured here celebrating at Christmas time.
Danny Hodgson's parents say his health had deteriorated in the two weeks since their last update. Pic: Facebook

“Sorry we have been quiet, everyone,” Hodgson's mother Nicola wrote.

“But from last week, with Danny making so much progress and us having the most amazing days with him, he then took a turn for the worst (sic) on Friday he has went drastically downhill.

“Danny has had further bleeds on the Brain and has had more emergency operations over the last few days.

“Danny has had to be put back into am (sic) induced coma to try and give his body and brain a rest.

“We are distraught obviously, of how far he has deteriorated in a small space of time, but we ask for you all to pray for him or send positive thoughts as we need them now more than ever.”

Hodgson's parents, who managed to fly to Perth from the UK to be by their son's bedside, detailed the delicate nature of his condition in a previous statement.

Danny Hodgson is seen here in action for ECU Joondalup in the National Premier Leagues Western Australia. Image: Facebook
Danny Hodgson in action for ECU Joondalup in the National Premier Leagues Western Australia. Image: Facebook

Family concedes 'future is uncertain'

“While we are grateful to see some small improvement in Danny’s condition, the future is uncertain and we must keep travelling this journey day by day, sometimes hour by hour,” the family said a fortnight ago.

“Danny is experiencing breathing difficulties and an infection and blood clots remain a constant threat.

“As a family with Danny’s girlfriend, Jess, it is very important we remain grounded and realistic about his condition and the future.

“We are eternally grateful for the expert medical care and support from the team at the Royal Perth Hospital ICU.

“Please keep Danny in your prayers, Western Australia.

“He will need every ounce of strength and iron will to keep fighting over the next few days.”

Hodgson's parents were initially unable to get to Australia, sending out messages for help on social media.

And in an uplifting twist, the efforts of the football community managed to secure then two tickets on a flight to Perth.

“It’s incredible that in 24 hours we have been able to achieve the impossible,” Hodgson's mother Nicola wrote on Facebook.

“I cannot thank everyone enough who has been involved. Our prayers have been answered and we have confirmed flights to Australia.

“Danny still has a long journey ahead of him but the fact that me and (father) Peter will be by his side through it gives us enormous comfort.”

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