Elissia Carnavas caught in attempted car-jacking during radio interview

Pictured here, former Matildas star Elissia Carnavas poses for a photo.
Former Matildas star Elissia Carnavas was the victim of a terrifying attempted carjacking while live on air for a radio program. Pic: LinkedIn

Disturbing audio has captured the moment former Matildas star Elissia Carnavas became the victim of an attempted car-jacking, during a phone interview with an Australian radio station.

Carnavas (nee Canham) was chatting with veteran football commentator Simon Hill on SEN Radio’s The Global Game on Tuesday night, when things turned very scary.

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The 37-year-old was in the middle of a discussion with Hill when she let out a series of terrifying screams on the air.

“I have no idea what’s gone on there. I really hope Elissia is OK,” a shocked Hill said.

“That’s a very scary moment that’s just happened live on air.

“I don’t know what to say. I heard screaming in the background, and that’s quite terrifying.

“That’s probably the scariest moment in my broadcasting career."

Carnavas - who is a weekly guest on The Global Game program - reportedly had her car surrounded by a group of men who were attempting to steal the vehicle.

Shortly after the frightening on-air incident, Hill took to social media to assure listeners that Carnavas was OK.

“Shout out to Elissia Carnavas who had an awful experience tonight live on air as thieves attempted to hijack her car. Thankfully, she got out of that situation and is fine,” Hill wrote on Twitter.

“The most terrifying moment of my career that’s for sure, and we’re just relieved she’s OK.”

This photo shows former Matildas defender Elissia Carnavas sitting against a wall.
Elissia Carnavas was fortunately unharmed after the attempted carjacking. Pic: Instagram

Listeners were also left shaken by the chilling on-air moment.

"The audio of this made my blood run cold, about as horrifying as it gets. Thankfully, all seems to be well,” one person wrote on Twitter.

“Credit to Simon Hill and the Global Game team for handling that moment as well as you can and hopefully has all the support she needs.”

Elissia Carnavas unharmed during attempted carjacking

SEN also released a statement a short time after the incident, to assure their audience that Carnavas was alright.

“To all who heard @elissiacar on-air, she is okay,” SEN said.

“A scary situation which she has managed to get herself out of. We thank everyone for their concern.”

Carnavas lives in Brisbane but it's unclear if that's where the attempted carjacking took place.

The 37-year-old has the honour of being the first known woman of African heritage to represent Australia's national football team.

The South African-born defender was also a powerful voice in the 2021 independent review of the Matildas team that uncovered allegations of bullying, intimidation and inappropriate behaviour against members of the women's national side.

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