Fighter wins 20-second bout after rare double KO

Fight fans in Brazil have been treated to a truly bizarre MMA bout that only lasted 20 seconds and included a double knock-down and a TKO.

The crazy bout took place between Cemey dos Santos and Jorge Filho in the co-main event at FLC 6 in Madureira, Brazil.

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Both men connected with almost identical right hooks to the face, which sent both men staggering to the canvas in the early exchanges.

However, dos Santos managed to get back on his feet before his opponent had time to recover - pouncing on the injured Filho with a flurry of brutal follow-up shots.

The referee quickly stepped in to put an end to the fight with dos Santos declared the winner by TKO.

Incredibly, this double-knockdown was just one of several such incidents to happen this year, with a Muay Thai fight in July ending in similarly bizarre fashion.