Fisherman's fright after shark steals catch

A fisherman has had the fright of his life after a routine catch was pinched from him by a hungry shark.

Isaac Brumaghim was reeling in a tuna fish while on a kayak fishing trip when the shark leapt from the water and stole the angler's catch.

“I swear I could hear the shark’s jaws chomp closed,” Brumaghim was quoted as saying on GrindTV.

Brumaghim was filming his fishing expedition off western Oahu, and the camera captured his priceless reaction.

“It was as if the shark was taunting me,” Brumaghim said. “It gave me the heebie-jeebies.”

He revealed the shark wasn't done after stealing his prized catch. It swam around his boat before swimming off in what was a scary experience.

Brumaghin was used to sharks pinching catches, and had seen many sharks in the area, but never one that leapt from the water to catch its prey.

“And I had already lost another fish to a shark,” Brumaghim said. “There were lots of sharks around that day.”

Brumaghim and another friend were the only anglers around, and were aiming to improve their standings in the 2013 Makahiki World Championships.