‘First time’ reveal in Olympic uniforms

Australian Olympians gather for the unveiling of the official formal Olympic uniforms for the Paris 2024 Games. Picture: NCA Newswire / Gaye Gerard

Australian Olympic team chef de mission for Paris and cycling legend Anna Meares says the inclusion of the Olympic oath “at heart level” on blazers to be worn by team members marks a special moment for every athlete.

The uniforms Australian athletes will wear at the opening ceremony, which will be watched by a global television audience of more than one billion, were unveiled on Wednesday, with the special inclusion in the blazers the standout.

For the first time, the Australian Olympians’ Oath will be on the inside jacket pocket, with the names of all 301 Australian Olympic champions throughout the jacket lining.

Australian Olympians gather at Clovelly Beach in Sydney today for the unveiling of the official formal Olympic uniform Picture: NCA Newswire / Gaye Gerard

The outfits will also feature Indigenous artwork “Walking Together” from Olympic boxer Paul Fleming in the pocket square and scarf and with the Olympians’ oath on the inside lining.

“Wearing an Australian Olympic opening ceremony uniform is a rare and special moment,” Meares said.

“I have had the honour of receiving four Australian Olympic team ceremony uniforms and I treasure each one. For Olympians, it brings us together, from different sports, backgrounds and experiences, proudly uniting us through that team uniform.

“It creates a connection and sense of belonging to the Australian Olympic team’s proud history. It begins our Olympic experience and post-Games continues to be worn by Olympians proudly to events, long past our days as elite athletes. It’s a uniform that is treasured and the quality, comfort and feel brings a pride and confidence to us all.

“I love that the Olympians’ oath will sit on the inside lining at heart level, with the support of all Australia’s Olympic champions throughout history wrapping around each of our team members for Paris.

The Australian Olympians' Oath embedded in opening ceremony blazers
The Australian Olympians' Oath embedded in the opening ceremony blazers.

“I know Aussie athletes are working hard to earn their own opportunity to don this uniform in Paris and with 100 days to go, this will add excitement and inspiration to the training and competition grind knowing this awaits their efforts.”

Wednesday marked 100 days until the opening ceremony of the Paris Olympics on the River Seine.

At the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, Australians won 46 medals to finish in sixth place on the table.