Fighter suffers 'one of the worst head cuts in MMA history'

WARNING: The following article contains graphic images that some readers way find disturbing.

British fighter Jack Mason has suffered what’s being described as one of the most gruesome head injuries in MMA history.

Mason was fighting Hakon Foss at Cage Warriors 93 on Saturday night when he received some brutal blows to the head.

Foss started off by delivering a huge flying knee that connected with Mason’s face, before following up with some more strong punches and knees to his opponent’s head.

The fight never got out of the first round, and Mason was left with a gaping wound above his left eye.

The brutal strikes opened up Mason’s left eye. Image: Cage Warriors

But only after the fight was the full extent of the injury revealed.

Fellow fighter John Maguire took to Twitter with a video of the gruesome laceration (WARNING: VERY GRAPHIC).

“This is up there with some of the worst cuts i’ve seen in mma,” Maguire posted.

Many other fans and pundits agreed that it was one of the worst cuts they’d ever seen.