Brazil coach slams 'evil' backlash in World Cup dancing furore

Brazilian coach Tite (pictured middle left) dancing and (pictured right) Brazil players including Neymar dancing.
Brazilian coach Tite (pictured middle left) has hit back at any criticism over his team's dancing celebrations at the FIFA World Cup. (Getty Images)

Brazilian coach Tite has claimed any backlash levelled at his young players over their dancing celebrations as 'evil' after the nation danced its way into the quarter-final at the Qatar World Cup. The Brazilian front quartet put together their best performance of the World Cup so far after smashing four past South Korea in a historic first half.

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South Korea were in for a long night after Vinicius Jr. opened the scoring with a perfectly executed finish in the top right corner after just seven minutes. The opening goal sent the stadium into rapture and the players delivered a dance to celebrate the Real Madrid star's goal.

Neymar converted from the penalty spot to open his account, before Richarlison got in on the act. His goal against South Korea may have topped his effort in the first match for goal of the World Cup.

After his sumptuous effort, Richarlison ran to his coach and the duo briefly danced with the team. Lucas Pacqueta finished the scoring and also followed his teammates in performing a dance.

Much has been made about Brazil's dancing after the goals and Tite said he was weary that the performances could be taken the wrong way.

"They're very young and I always try to adapt a little bit to their language," TIte said, through an interpreter, in the post-match interview. "They have a language, which is of dancing."

However, Tite blasted anyone who claimed the celebrations were 'disrespectful'. He explained that dancing was a way for the young players to show their happiness.

"I have to be very careful," Tite added. "There are people who are evil who will say that was disrespectful."

Roy Keane not a fan of Brazil's World Cup dancing

However, not all of those watching enjoyed the party atmosphere. Football great Roy Keane was one to label the dancing 'disrespectful', while acknowledging it is part of their culture.

"It’s obviously brilliant from Brazil, but South Korea, my goodness. I’ve never seen so much dancing, it’s like watching Strictly!” Keane said on ITV. “I think it is really disrespecting the opposition. It's 4-0 and they're doing it every time. I don’t mind the first jig, but then the manager got involved with it! I'm not happy with it, I don't think it's good at all.”

Despite Keane's strong view, Brazil's dancing certainly was a highlight for many watching one of the best attacking performances in the Qatar World Cup so far.

SBS analyst Craig Foster blasted any notion that Brazil were being disrespectful and said it was part of their football heritage.

"Thank heavens for Brazil in football. When they turn it on, it's a very rare sight and it's part of the beautiful game....You need to see it," Foster said of the dancing. "It's part of their culture. It's beautiful. I see people on social media that aren't happy with the's utter rubbish. This is Brazil, we want to see it."

Brazil will now face Croatia in the quarter-final of the Qatar World Cup after the European outfit defeated Japan on penalties.

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