Female reporter's perfect revenge after male co-hosts' 'snub'

Kelly Cates has got one back over the boys after a bizarre live TV snub went viral earlier this month.

The Sky Sports pundit was on air with former players Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher recently when the boys turned their backs on her and continued the discussion as they were walking away.

In bizarre scenes that confused viewers, Cates was left looking on from the background as Neville and Carragher appeared to spurn her.

It appeared to be a planned production move that didn’t really work, with football journalist Baz Cooper labelling it “disrespectful”, while Fox reporter Tom Fitzgerald said it was rude.

So in response, Cates got revenge on Tuesday.

Carragher, Neville and Cates. Image: Sky Sports

Ahead of Leicester’s clash with West Ham, Cates again appeared to be shafted when Neville turned his back on her to speak to Carragher.

So she immediately turned and walked away, just like her male co-hosts had done to her.

Well played Kelly. Image: Sky Sports

“Wednesday, 7 o’clock on Sky Sports Premier League. Don’t you dare turn your back,” she said to the camera with a cheeky grin.

As of Wednesday morning (AEST), the video had been watched over two million times after Cates posted it on Twitter.