'Devastated': Tennis hunk's wedding sparks outpouring of grief

Sam Goodwin
Sports Editor

Andy Murray’s mother has led a chorus of disappointed female tennis fans after Feliciano Lopez got married over the weekend.

Lopez, 38, celebrated his birthday by getting hitched to Sandra Gago on Saturday.

Lopez and Gago posted a number of happy snaps from the wedding on social media.

”I have read many definitions about what happiness means, but none of them comes close to what we lived yesterday with all of you,” Lopez wrote.

“They say [having] that shared is double. That’s why yesterday was so special, a shot of love and good vibes in an environment we will never forget.”

A number of Lopez’s peers posted messages of congratulations, however there were many more who were left disappointed (albeit jokingly).

Judy Murray simply tweeted ‘devastated’ in response to an announcement from the ATP Tour.

In June when Andy Murray and Lopez teamed up to play doubles, Judy wrote on Twitter: “I may require a tranquilliser dart”.

A number of Judy’s followers sent message of support.

“Appalling. Sending every platitude, but they won’t help, let’s face it,” journalist Marina Hyde wrote.

TV presenter Clare Balding said: “Sending you strength and love at this sad time.”

Fans fall in love with Lopez

Lopez is widely regarded as one of the more attractive players on tour.

At the US Open last month he was caught in a hilarious viral moment after a female fan was spotted taking a cheeky pic of Lopez without his shirt on.

At one stage during a change of ends, a sweaty Lopez decided he needed a change of shirts.

Feliciano Lopez in action at Queen's Club. (Photo by Alex Pantling/Getty Images)

And one lady behind him certainly noticed.

In video that went viral, the female spectator whipped out her phone and took a cheeky pic of the hunky tennis star.

Her facial expression when she checked out the photo was absolute gold.