Feet juggler goes for ballsy record

Being able to juggle with your feet is impressive enough on its own, but to be able to juggle five basketballs is an amazing feat.

Talented Italian Selyna Bogino has been practicing to break the world record currently held by Pedro Elis Cinta, who holds the record of 37.46 seconds.

Pedro, however, only used his hands to perform the feat.

Selyna hopes to stand up and be counted when she makes her world record attempt, which she should be able to smash if the video above is anything to go by.

In total there are 36 different kinds of juggling records included in the Guinness Book of World Records including: "Most Swallowed Swords Whilst Juggling Three Objects," "Most Chainsaw Juggling Catches" and "Fastest Mile on Pogo Stick Whilst Juggling Three Balls."

If she break any one of those while juggling with her feet, she will surely go down as the greatest performer of all time.