Is there a favorable play-in opponent for the Chicago Bulls?

With the NBA’s 2023-24 regular season nearly finished, the Chicago Bulls find themselves in the mix for the league’s 2024 play-in tournament after a very tough season in terms of uneven play and injuries. That in itself is something of an accomplishment, but Bulls fans want and deserve more from their favorite team. Is there a favorable play-in opponent for the Bulls?

Chicago is currently in ninth place in the Eastern Conference standings, a full game ahead of the Atlanta Hawks, and within 4.5 games of the Philadelphia 76ers and Miami Heat. There’s even a small chance the Indiana Pacers could fall into the range of the play-in tournament.

Which clubs would the Bulls best match up with?

The host of the “Chicago Bulls Central” podcast, Haize, took a closer look at the likely suspects and how Chicago has been playing them so far this season.

Check it out in the clip embedded above!

Story originally appeared on Lonzo Wire