Fantasy NBA draft tips: 5 experts reveal their best bit of advice

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Steph Curry dribbles the ball (left) Lebron James (right) reacts to an incident
Five Fantasy NBA experts have offered up their top tips ahead of draft season.

It can sometimes feel like you're about to be swallowed up by the sheer mass of NBA fantasy information out there

There are a lot of teams and a lot of players in the league to get your head around - which can be daunting. 

Often the first step is getting the basics. I asked five fantasy analysts across the globe to reveal their best piece of advice for playing fantasy basketball this season.

Here's what they said...

'Be across all the NBA news' - Aaron Bruski,

Learn how to follow the news, whether you rely on an aggregation service or you index everything coming through Twitter on your own. 

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Learn the tendencies of all of the various writers and power brokers across the spectrum so you can make the right reads, anticipate future developments and get the jump on the public.

'Know your league rules' - Zak Hanshew, Fantasy Pros

Know your league rules and scoring format inside and out. 

There’s a huge difference between a points league and a categories league and even more subtle nuances depending on the number of categories your league utilises. 

Do your homework, draft the best team available for your specific settings, and enjoy the advantage you have over unprepared league mates.

'Enjoy yourself!' - Mike Catron, Watching The Boxes

The most important way to approach fantasy basketball is that you and everyone in your league should have fun. 

That you all enjoy it so much, that you look forward to doing it all again. Don't sweat the rest of it.

'Know the other managers in your league' - Adam King,

One piece of advice I would give to those playing fantasy basketball is to make sure you know who you're up against, as well as your league settings. 

With an abundance of information available, these two key factors can determine how you interpret the information. 

Some questions to ask yourself might include: What format is the league I'm playing in? Do my opponents come in unprepared or do they research beforehand?

'Figure out the nuances in your league' - Alex Rikleen, Rotowire

Know your league. Every league has its own nuances - what and how many categories, strict or flexible position rules, bench and IR size, etc - and each rule aides some players and strategies and harms others. 

Every setting is a potential competitive advantage waiting to be exploited.

I echo all of these thoughts by these guys above. 

Know your league settings, know your league members, if possible, understand injuries and return dates, and how you can take advantage of the nuances of your league.

Good luck on draft day.

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