Fantasy Mailbag: Kyrie Irving's future alongside James Harden

Josh Lloyd
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Kyrie Irving's fantasy ceiling has been impacted by the James Harden trade, but the Brooklyn Nets point guard will likely remain a top 25 prospect. (Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images)
Kyrie Irving's fantasy ceiling has been impacted by the James Harden trade, but the Brooklyn Nets point guard will likely remain a top 25 prospect. (Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images)

Hopefully, we don’t get too many games postponed this week as it is wreaking havoc on fantasy basketball. However, there are still questions to be answered, so I scoured Discord, Instagram and Twitter to find some good questions for this week’s NBA Fantasy Basketball Mailbag. So, let’s get to it.

How do you feel about Kyrie Irving’s value moving forward? - @arsene (Discord)

Irving has been spectacular this season. On a per-game basis (only seven games), Irving is averaging over 46 fantasy points, good for 11th in the league.

He has never been a top 10 points league player before, performing better in category leagues and this season was shaping up as his best.

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Now, of course, he is joined by James Harden.

I fear Kyrie is going to take a hit. Harden is a better player than Kyrie - a better scorer and a better passer, so the ball will be in his hands more than Irving is used to.

Irving is still an elite shot-maker, and creator, but he just won’t be able to maintain a usage above 30%, while being able to generate the same level of assists.

Could he be the Nets’ Chris Bosh or Kevin Love? It is looking that way, and I think even a top 25 finish may be too much to ask.

Is Luke Kennard ever going back to his Detroit stats? - @Captain Sprinkles (Discord)

Ever is a long time, but for the season, without significant injuries in LA, it’s hard to see how Kennard can do it.

We saw him on the weekend put up a decent line with Patrick Beverley and Lou Williams out, but that’s the thing, he needed two rotation guards out to even come close to his past production.

Paul George and Kawhi Leonard will dominate the ball, rightfully so, and Kennard will be in a minimal role off the bench.

A lot would have to change for Kennard to go back to Detroit Kennard.

Is Kevin Love or Derrick White a better IL stash? - @toconnor (Discord)

Love will likely be back before White, maybe, but I still want White over Love.

Love is old and has a propensity to get injured. The Cavs will probably limit him to a degree, and even on a per-minute basis, I’d rather have White over Love, who is just a better player at this point.

White’s toe fracture is frustrating, and he will be limited when he returns, but the upside is so much higher than Kevin Love, who may not even end up as a top 100 player this season.

What are the expectations for John Collins this season? Super worried. - @atul.vij (Instagram)

I hate to break it to you, but I think it has a higher chance of getting worse for Collins, rather than getting better. And that’s with the understanding that he is ranked 90th over the last two weeks.

He has not been able to fit well with Clint Capela, and there are rumours of issues between him and Trae Young.

Remember, one of the more significant worries with Collins this season is how Danilo Gallinari and Capela would impact him, and Gallinari hasn’t even played yet.

Throw in rookie Onyeka Okongwu, who debuted on the weekend and Collins is in real trouble.

At this point, I think the best thing for Collins is going to be a trade.

Is Giannis Antetokounmpo a buy low? - @ognjen_co_6 (Instagram)

Giannis is the sixth-ranked player this season, averaging almost 50 fantasy points per game. And yet, he is a buy low.

Last season, in fewer minutes, Giannis averaged an additional seven fantasy points per game to be the number two fantasy points player.

So, why are his numbers down, and seemingly getting worse? Mainly, it’s the rebounds.

Giannis is down from 13.6 boards per game down to 10 per game this year and 8.3 per game over the last six games. That’s the big difference.

I think we have to assume they won’t get back to last season, especially with Bobby Portis, a good rebounder, playing as much as he is, but I still believe Giannis can be better than he has been, especially over the last couple of weeks.

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