'Wasting my life': NRL bunker under fire already

The regular season hasn't even started yet but the much-maligned NRL bunker is already coming under fire after its performance in the All-Stars game.

The bunker was called into action twice during the Indigenous All-Stars' victory over the World All-Stars on Friday night, and both decisions caused controversy.

During the first half an Ash Taylor try was sent upstairs to check whether the Indigenous side had forced a turnover with an illegal strip.

The bunker then turned its attention to whether Johnathan Thurston picked the ball up in an offside position, taking an age to deliberate, much to the frustration of commentators.

"Come on let's get on with it, show the good part," said Phil Gould.

"It's a try! Don't you dare take this try off them, it's brilliant," he added.

Then in the second half the bunker awarded World All-Stars winger David Mead a contentious try when it appeared he grounded the ball short of the line.

Did he get there? Image: Channel Nine

The Bunker ruled that the on-field call of try should stand because of insufficient evidence to overturn it.

Fans watching at home flocked to social media with their thoughts, and most of it was negative.

The NRL recently responded to criticism of its bunker by reducing the scope of the decision review system's power.

The bunker will no longer be used to determine knock-ons in general play or be called upon for 40-20 calls in 2017.

It will only rule on point-scoring plays, in-goal restarts and reportable foul play.

NRL officiating boss Tony Archer said the bunker was hampered by confusion of jurisdiction in its inaugural season last year.

"From goal line to goal line, we expect the on-field officials to make the call. This makes it much clearer," Archer told reporters on Tuesday.

"Double knock-ons ... led to some confusion among fans, players and coaches, so we wanted to have a clear line for that.

"40-20, it is difficult with some to use the camera angles and the technology we have. Referees on field are in the best position."

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