F1 rival brutally trolls Ricciardo over Renault move

The Mercedes F1 team has left the racing world perplexed with a cheeky, and perfectly timed, tweet.

Moments after Aussie star Daniel Ricciardo announced his shock departure from the Red Bull team on Friday night, Mercedes took advantage of a time gap before his next signing was officially announced.

Ricciardo is leaving Red Bull, and Mercedes took notice. Pic: Getty

Despite already laying claim to two of the greatest drivers across the F1 landscape, Mercedes, or more specifically their social media team, decided to throw a massive spanner in the works.

The Mercedes tweet was clearly an insinuation that there was a big signing in the works, at just the time Ricciardo went on the market.

They used the same social media post in July to build anticipation for a signing.

F1 fans were immediately perplexed by the idea, sharing their confusion about how the already stacked team could fit the Aussie into their roster.

As we all now know, Ricciardo’s official signing with Renault would be announced about an hour later, clearing things up for F1 fans and confirming Mercedes’ trickery.

Renault, of course, weren’t too happy that their rival team had stolen their social media thunder.