'Also in breach': Red Bull calls out Mercedes in 'copycat' controversy

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Christian Horner of Red Bull looking on at the F1.
Christian Horner, Aston Martin Red Bull team manager, has hit out after the F1 brake duct scandal. (Getty Images)

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner has taken aim at Mercedes in the brake ducts scandal that has engulfed F1.

Last week, F1 stewards fined Racing Point $US473,000, stripped them of 15 points in the constructors’ championship and issued a reprimand on Friday after upholding a Renault protest about the legality of their rival’s car.

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The car is a visual copy of last year’s Mercedes, who provide the engines and gearbox, and the argument is about the essence of being a constructor and how much of the car has to be designed in-house.

Renault had protested at the last three races, arguing that the brake ducts used by Racing Point were a copy of those used by Mercedes, their engine partner, in winning last year’s championship.

The governing FIA said the stewards had upheld the complaints against Racing Point, whose competitive car has been dubbed the ‘Pink Mercedes’ because it looks so similar to the 2019 Mercedes.

Racing Point’s drivers — Canadian Lance Stroll and Mexican Sergio Perez — will keep their points but the team will drop from fifth to sixth and behind Renault in the constructors’ standings ahead of Sunday’s 70th Anniversary Grand Prix.

Horner takes aim at Mercedes

While there has been no suggestions of Mercedes’ involvement in the scandal, Horner has called for a look into who supplied the illegal parts in the first place.

“So for us it’s that there is a bigger picture to this,” Horner said, according to AutoSport. “It’s not just about brake ducts, it’s about what is philosophically allowed, and what isn’t.

“Regarding Mercedes, I’m sure those questions will get asked, because if the team in question are guilty of receiving, surely the team that has provided has also been in breach of those regulations?

“That’s something for the FIA.”

The row over Racing Point’s Formula One car is heading to court after rivals Ferrari and Renault confirmed on Tuesday they would appeal a stewards’ decision.

Ferrari and Renault were among five teams, including Racing Point who say they have done nothing wrong, who notified the governing FIA last Sunday of their intention to go to the International Court of appeal.

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