Lewis Hamilton blasts 'selfish and irresponsible' act amid crisis

Riley Morgan
Sports Reporter

Lewis Hamilton has taken aim at the “irresponsible” people who are flouting the self-isolation rule around the world during the coronavirus crisis.

Recently, Formula One teams have answered UK government calls to help combat the coronavirus pandemic in any way they can.

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Following the halt of the F1 circuit, the sport's governing body revealed that UK-based teams are working with the British government and health officials to increase the supply of medical equipment used to fight COVID-19.

On Monday, the F1 champion made an emotion plea to those around the world and reiterated the key message of social distancing.

Briton’s premier Formula 1 driver’s comments came as the UK entered lockdown and the nation was told to stay indoors.

"There are people out there still going to clubs and bars and large gatherings, which I feel is totally irresponsible and selfish,” he said.

"There is nothing we can do about it either way except try to isolate ourselves, stop ourselves from catching it and spreading it.

"I'm praying for those working at the local store, deliverers, doctors and nurses who put their own health at risk to help others and keep the countries running.

"Those are the heroes. Please stay safe, people."

Lewis Hamilton has urged everyone to abide by the government's recommendation of self-isolation. (Getty Images)

Hamilton has helped spread the world of healthy hygiene during self-isolation, after the Aussie Grand Prix was cancelled, and has posted videos on Instagram showing people how to properly wash their hands to remain healthy.

His Instagram video was posted to his 14.8 million followers and has been watched more than one million times.

F1 helps UK government

The F1 teams are hoping to implement a plan within the next few days to provide more ventilators to already overburdened hospitals.

The ventilators - which are in short supply - help patients with breathing difficulties, which is a common effect of someone with coronavirus symptoms.

British health authorities have also engaged the expertise of the aerospace and automotive sectors to help expedite the production of the ventilators.

It's estimated the UK needs 20,000 more ventilators to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic, with teams such as McLaren, Mercedes, Red Bull and Williams possessing applied-technologies departments and manufacturing capabilities that could prove invaluable.

A statement from the F1 says they hope for "a tangible outcome in the next few days" with regard to situation.

"A collective of UK-based Formula 1 teams, engine manufactures and their respective technology arms is evaluating support for the manufacture of respiratory devices in response to the UK government's call for assistance," the statement read.