Michael Schumacher's former boss makes staggering call on icon's health

These photos show former Ferrari boss Jean Todt, Michael Schumacher and the German's wife Corinna.
Former Ferrari boss Jean Todt (L) has provided a new message to fans about the condition of Michael Schumacher. Pic: Getty

Michael Schumacher's former Ferrari boss Jean Todt has delivered a new message to fans about the German's condition after declaring that the 53-year-old is "in the best of hands".

Schumacher hasn't been seen or heard from since suffering severe head injuries in a skiiing accident in the French Alps in December of 2013.

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Todt has been one of few people allowed to visit Schumacher at the family home in Geneva, with the German's wife Corinna determined to maintain her husband's privacy.

Former FIA president Todt has visited Schumacher regularly and provided snippets of information to the public.

In his latest update on Schumacher's condition, the Frenchman thanked the motorsport legend's army of fans for their support and assured them that the F1 icon is in the best condition he can possibly be.

“I’m happy that the fans, not only in Germany, think of him so much," Todt told German news organisation, Bild.

“People ask so much about Michael. The fans should know that he is in the best of hands.

“In the best situation he can be and surrounded by people who love him.”

Todt says he tries to visit the Schumacher family as much as he can, and will continue to offer them any support they may need.

“As long as I am in this world, I will always visit him,” he added.

“Sometimes we see each other three times a week, sometimes not for a whole month.

“They are my friends and we are in constant contact. Whatever I can do for the Schumacher family, I‘ll do it.”

Todt did reveal in an interview with German TV channel RTL earlier this year that he and Schumacher watch F1 races together when he goes to visit.

“Yes, it’s true, I watch races with Michael," Todt said.

"But sure, I guess what I miss is what we used to do together.”

Schumacher won five consecutive World Drivers’ Championships under Todt’s leadership from 2000 to 2004.

Former manager slams Michael Schumacher's family

While the Frenchman has been able to visit Schumacher regularly, the German's former manager Willi Weber has accused the motorsport icon's family of lying and shutting him out of their lives.

Weber told La Gazzetta dello Sport that he hasn't been allowed to visit Schumacher since his near-fatal accident.

Pictured left is MIchael Schumacher's former manager Willi Weber, and the German with his wife Corinna on the right.
Willi Weber has accused Michael Schumacher's family of lying. Image: Getty

“I tried hundreds of times to contact Corinna and she didn’t answer,” Weber said.

“I called Jean Todt to ask him if I should go to the hospital and he told me to wait – it’s too early.

“I called the next day and no one answered. I didn’t expect behaviour like that and I’m still angry about it. They kept me out, telling me it’s too early, well now it’s too late. It’s been nine years. Maybe they should just say it the way it is.

“I could understand the situation initially as I always did everything I could for Michael to protect his private life. But since then we have only heard lies from them.

“Years after the accident, I said to myself to just look out for the family as I couldn't change things.

“He was like a son to me. Even today it hurts me to talk about it."

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