Teammate caught in brutal act during ugly Daniel Ricciardo moment

Lando Norris, pictured here waving to Daniel Ricciardo as he lapped him.
Lando Norris waved to Daniel Ricciardo as he lapped him. Image: F1

Whether he was making fun of his teammate or simply thanking him for moving over, Lando Norris' wave to Daniel Ricciardo at the Monaco Grand Prix was brutal.

Ricciardo suffered the ultimate humiliation of being lapped by his McLaren teammate to complete his nightmare weekend in Monaco.

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And to make matters worse for the Aussie driver, Norris was spotted shooting his teammate a cheeky wave as he moved past him.

“I have a tear in my eye here for Daniel Ricciardo,” Sky Sports commentator Martin Brundle said.

“That’s an ouch moment isn’t it. It hurts for Daniel Ricciardo.”

Fellow commentator David Croft said: “McLaren were hoping to see two cars on the track together on the streets of Monaco, but not like this," while Paul di Resta said Ricciardo would be feeling lower than low.

“This is going to be the most painful night he’s ever going to have in his Formula One career,” di Resta said.

“Forget that win that was taken away from him here with the pit stop (in 2016), this one to be lapped.

“All to do with qualifying, all to do with where you are in terms of position, his speed wasn’t bad at times during this Grand Prix, but he is not gelling with this car yet.

"He needs to change technique. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s working a few more days in that simulator trying to master it.”

Fans were also quick to notice Norris' wave.

Daniel Ricciardo to reassess after nightmare weekend

Speaking after the race, Ricciardo said he would try to move on from the horror weekend as quickly as possible.

“I think the whole weekend was simply just a weekend to forget, for me personally,” Ricciardo said.

“Obviously car 4 (Norris) and the rest of the team got a podium and I obviously want to congratulate them and they got it right.

“I don’t even know if we got it wrong, we just never got going. We didn’t really do a crazy different set-up, the cars are, I want to say, nearly identical from a set-up point of view, I’m not really trying to be too clever with that either, I’ve got more to learn with this car than Lando does, so I’m not trying to be too different. Trying to follow suit and move forward but just a strange weekend really from the get-go and one to forget.

“I’m probably not going to over-analyse this one, just move forward for Baku and go from there.”

Daniel Ricciardo, pictured here being lapped by Lando Norris in the Monaco Grand Prix.
Daniel Ricciardo was lapped by Lando Norris in the Monaco Grand Prix. Image: F1

Ricciardo said he would look to fix a few issues before the Azerbaijain Grand Prix.

“This year there have certainly been those races where I’ve got to find a bit more but it will come, but this weekend was more of an anomaly,” he said.

“Such a big difference and getting lapped - it might be the first time - I don’t really know what to say.

“I’ll definitely look into it, but I think when it’s a weekend like this and it was as far off as I was, probably best to step away for a few days.”

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