'Scary to see': F1 fans stunned by 'concerning' Lewis Hamilton moment

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Lewis Hamilton, pictured here struggling on the podium after the Hungarian Grand Prix.
Lewis Hamilton was visibly struggling on the podium after the Hungarian Grand Prix. (Photo by FERENC ISZA/AFP via Getty Images)

Lewis Hamilton has revealed he may be suffering from 'long Covid' after worrying scenes at the Hungarian Grand Prix on Sunday.

Hamilton battled from the back of the field to take second place in an intense and exhausting race on Sunday.

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But the Mercedes driver, who now leads the championship by eight points, was visibly unwell on the podium and struggled to raise his trophy.

He was initially missing from the post-race press conference because he was seeing a doctor.

"I'm ok, had real big dizziness and everything got a bit blurry on the podium," said the world champion before opening up about the problems of life post-Covid.

"I've been fighting all year really with staying healthy after what happened at the end of last year and it's still, it's a battle.

"I haven't spoken to anyone about it but I think (the effects of Covid are) lingering. I remember the effects of when I had it and training has been different since then.

"The level of fatigue you get is different and it's a real challenge."

Lewis Hamilton, pictured here in distress on the podium after the Hungarian Grand Prix.
Lewis Hamilton appeared to be struggling after the Hungarian Grand Prix. (Photo by Florion Goga - Pool/Getty Images)

F1 fans concerned over worrying Lewis Hamilton moment

Hamilton struggled to stay on his feet during the trophy presentations and didn't take part in celebrating with his co-drivers.

"Not sure what is wrong but Lewis Hamilton does *not* look in a good way on the podium," F1 writer James Gray tweeted.

"Barely able to pick up his champagne, looks like he might throw up.

"Guess it was a very physical race but everyone else seems okay. Concerning."

The 36-year-old missed the Sakhir Grand Prix in Bahrain in December after testing positive for Covid-19.

He has gone on to win four races this season, including the British GP at Silverstone a fortnight ago.

"I continue to train and prepare the best way I can. Today, who knows what it is?" he said.

"Maybe it's hydration, I don't know, but I've definitely not had this experience.

"Had something similar at Silverstone but this is way worse."

Esteban Ocon won the race at the Hungaroring for his first victory in Formula One.

Sebastian Vettel finished second, however he was later disqualified after his Aston Martin was deemed to have breached fuel regulations.

Hamilton was promoted to second, reclaiming the lead in the drivers' championship after Max Verstappen was involved in a first-lap crash that affected multiple drivers.

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