Exclusive: Jordan Peele already wants to cast Dev Patel in next movie

Jordan Peele has revealed that he wants to cast Dev Patel in one of his movies in the future.

The pair have already worked together on new film Monkey Man, they just don't appear on screen together. Patel directs and stars in the movie and is also one of the writers, while Peele is on board as a producer.

Speaking exclusively to Digital Spy, the Get Out filmmaker talked about working with Patel and revealed that he's keen to cast him in one of his future projects under his production company.

"This is one of the blessings for me in MonkeyPaw productions," he said. "It’s that I always wanted to work with Dev as an actor. It will happen."

london, england march 25 dev patel and jordan peele attend the special screening of monkey man at picturehouse central on march 25, 2024 in london, england photo by mike marslandwireimage photo by mike marslandwireimage
Mike Marsland

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He continued: "But when I found out that he essentially already made this film, I knew we had to jump on board and we had to help as much as possible."

In the film, Patel plays Kid, who works in an underground fight club and seeks revenge against corrupt leaders who have killed his mother.

Monkey Man is Patel’s directorial debut, and Patel also explained to us how important directors have been to him as an actor.

"I think as an actor you look at your director as sort of a parental figure, in a way, father or mother figure. As someone who dropped out of school, when a director hires you and takes you under his wing as a young man, I think it’s been some of the most informative journeys of my life," he said.

dev patel as kid, monkey man

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Peele then asked: "Can you go back to being directed now?"

Patel assured him: "Yes, of course, of course!"

"I’m right here, man!" Peele then joked, alluding to his desire to work with Patel in future film projects.

Peele was full of praise for Monkey Man, telling us: "I think people are going to see the film and think of it as a full meal of a film. They’re going to see the type of film that they don’t get anymore, we don’t make anymore, we don’t see films this good.

"It’s going to be a film that deserves to be in the theatres, because it’s one that gets the audiences really active, and cheering, and laughing, and crying."

Monkey Man arrives in cinemas on April 5.

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