Evil EPs Promise to Answer at Least Three of Show’s Big Mysteries in Final Season — Find Out Which Ones

Evil EPs Promise to Answer at Least Three of Show’s Big Mysteries in Final Season — Find Out Which Ones

If you’re someone seeking answers from your faith…-based supernatural show, prepare to have your prayers answered.

Evil co-creators/executive producers Robert and Michelle King recently told TVLine that fans of the cancelled Paramount+ series will received a lot of closure before the end of the forthcoming final season. Well, speak the truth and shame the devil: What mysteries, exactly, will be revealed?

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“You’ll know who The 60 are,” Robert King said, referencing the demonic houses depicted on the map of sigils frequently referenced by David, Ben and Kristen. “You’ll know about the fate of Leland, and you’ll know what has happened to that baby that is the product of that egg belonging to Kristen and [Leland].”

Fans of the show will recall that Season 3 ended with Kristen reeling from the revelation that Leland had stolen her ovum and had used it to impregnate a woman who was now carrying his child. “We’re gonna be parents,” he said, locking eyes with a horrified Kristen in the Season 3 finale. (Read a full recap here.)

In February, Paramount+ announced that Evil Season 4 will be its last; the final run of episodes, which includes four bonus ones, is slated to begin streaming in May. Following the cancellation, the Kings said they were not planning to shop the show to other networks/streamers and would instead treat the four additional episodes as a mini Season 5. (See photos.)

Just know that it’s very likely not everything will have a clear answer by the time the finale’s credits roll.

“The show has one foot in mystical and one foot in empirical, so I think that’s where things are a little mysterious,” Robert King continued.

But what about the series’ central soldiers of good? “You’ll get a sense of what’s happening with our three leads, Ben, David and Kristen,” Michelle King added. “You’ll get a sense of how they’re marching forward in this world.” — With reporting by Matt Webb Mitovich

Are you planning to watch Evil‘s final season? What burning question about the series would you most like answered? Hit the comments and let us know!

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