'Wrong message': Genie Bouchard slammed over 'disgraceful' Instagram pic

A playful social media post from tennis star Eugenie Bouchard has sparked heated online debate.

The Canadian has a strong social media game and a legion of followers to boot.

However, she inadvertently felt the wrath of many of them after a questionable caption to a photo of herself.

“Why do my arms stay mad skinny but my stomach gets so fat??” Bouchard wrote on Instagram.

The picture and caption was accompanied by three emojis: one laughing, one smiling and one crying.

Eugenie Bouchard's controversial social media post. Pic: Instagram

What was surely intended to be a bit of fun, turned into something of a nightmare for the 25-year-old, who faced a wave of backlash for the message she was sending other women about body image.

"Just stop. You know you are not fat. This is not helpful to the girls that follow you," one user replied.

Another follower added: "What kind of role model are you supposed to be for not just woman but young woman. You are a Canadian disgrace. Just terrible."

"Clearly giving the wrong message to young girls, there are young girls looking up to you and saying your stomach is big gives the wrong impression to young girls."

Others accused the Canadian of merely putting herself down in an obvious attempt to seek validation.

Genie Bouchard. Pic: Getty

"I’m finding it so difficult to be a fan of hers any longer. So vain, seeking attention, and no game to back it up. Why Genie?" another follower wrote.

"What a weak, pathetic transparent way of fishing for compliments. This girl is so desperate for attention the people close to her should help not facilitate."

Bouchard’s sister gets in on the act

Bouchard's social media activity is always closely scrutinised but it was her sister Beatrice whose snap with Nick Kyrgios caused a stir earlier in the week.

The eldest of the Bouchard sisters posted a picture with Krygios in Montreal, days after the Aussie's exit from the Canadian Open.

“Good company,” the photo was captioned.

It received thousands of likes and hundreds of comments.

Eugenie Bouchard supports Kyrgios at Wimbledon

The picture came just a month after Kyrgios raised the collective eyebrows of the tennis world by inviting Eugenie Bouchard to his box at Wimbledon.

There were hoards of keen observers for Kyrgios’ grudge match with Rafael Nadal on centre court at the All England Club.

And Bouchard was one of them.

Sitting right behind Kyrgios’ father and entourage was none other than the Canadian tennis star, with Beatrice right next to her.

Fans were immediately intrigued about why she was there in Kyrgios’ corner, and even more so when she sent out a tweet of the Aussie serving with a number of love heart eyes emojis.

Kyrgios and Bouchard have previously played mixed doubles together and seem to get along well off the court.

The pair practiced together in the lead-up to Wimbledon.

“He’s so chill, he’s very nice and was making the practice for me, which I appreciated,” Bouchard said.

“I asked him to do a couple really hard serves. I was able to return a few.

“It’s great for reaction because the ball comes so much faster — a different spin, more aggressive spin.

“Usually after hitting with a guy like that the ball seems slower when I’m hitting with a girl.”