Epic stare down at UFC press conference

Chris Wild

British fighter Michael Bisping showed remarkable patience after he was taunted and mocked by his opponent Jorge Rivera - until things boiled over at a UFC press conference.

Rivera posted a series of bizarre YouTube videos calling Bisping a 'professional decision-winner' and allegedly insulting the British fighter's wife.

The normally vocal Bisping ignored the internet chatter and seemingly took the high road, keeping quiet on the issue until he exploded at the UFC 127 press conference.

Bisping could hold his tongue no more and launched a verbal tirade against Rivera calling him a relic from the past who had no place in the UFC.

"I’ve got a big fight to prepare for, I’m fighting for the premier fighting organisation in the world and I’m trying to behave accordingly, I’m a professional fighter. I’m not an idiot in the school yard making up silly rhymes and jokes and making stupid videos." Bisping said.

"This is a press conference by the way Jorge, I know it’s your first time involved in something like this, the big leagues, after this, you’ll be back to the undercard, believe me."

"I’m looking forward to making a fool out of him"

Bisping let fly with another tirade minutes later, chastising his opponent for a perceived lack of skill.

"I want to do most of my talking on the night. Punches, kicks, knees, elbows, jiu-jitsu, wrestling, half of that stuff Jorge doesn’t even know what it is. Jorge is a relic, he’s a throw back to the beginnings of mixed martial arts and I’m a complete martial artist and I’m going to be showing him that on the night. I’ll do most of my talking then."

The pair kept quiet for the remainder of the conference until a fired-up Bisping threatened Rivera during the photo-op prompting UFC director Marshall Zelaznik to step in and separate the fighters.

Bisping fights alongside Australians George Sotiropolous and Kyle Noke at UFC 127 on Sunday February 27th at Sydney's Acer Arena.