Dyche 'amazed' Everton did not get awarded second penalty in Luton draw

Sean Dyche walks off at the end of the match during the Premier League match between Luton Town and Everton
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Everton manager Sean Dyche to BBC Match of the Day: "We weren't where we've been performance-wise, but credit to them though. They put the pressure on with a lot of long and diagonal balls - there's nothing wrong with that by the way. Overall we dealt with that pretty well, though they did score a goal from that.

"Another day, I know there's a lot of news and noise recently about penalties, but I'm amazed we didn't have another one.

"The one on Dwight McNeil, I've seen it back and his foot has clearly gone on top of Dwight's foot. That one, from the penalties I've seen this season, I'm very surprised they've not given that.

"Everybody is talking about minimal contact, I know there's a lot of noise for other clubs, but that's the third one we've had this season. If they stand on your foot, how can you run? If your foot is in the air and you're tapped, I can understand that. But if they stand on your foot, it's probably going to bring you down.

"I thought we were a bit off it, not on the beach by the way. But the quality of the play and the demand of winning just softened a little.

"We're playing against a team who are fighting for their lives and fair play to them. Nobody gave them a chance at the start of the season."