Disgraced footy club still suffering from 'sickening' incidents

The disgraced Salisbury West Football Club has continued to suffer from a number of sickening on-field incidents during this year’s finals series.

The club has just recently had its application to rejoin Adelaide’s amateur league next season rejected, after it was kicked out for violent behaviour.

In a statement released by the league, chief executive John Kernahan said they had offered Salisbury West “ample opportunity to implement strategies to address ongoing concerns”.

“Whilst we acknowledge an effort to address member conduct, we are not confident that sufficient change can be effected in the relatively short space of time leading up to the commencement of the 2019 season,” Kernahan said.

Adam Jones received a life-ban for a number of sickening on-field incidents. Pic: Seven

The league announced on Wednesday it had refused the club’s submission to play again in 2019, with the original decision largely due to the actions of banned A-Grade captain Adam Jones.

Jones was reported for a staggering four times in a game against Trinity Old Scholars in August, with the worst of the incidents leaving an opponent with a broken jaw.

Jones received a total of 27 weeks worth of suspension, way over the 12 week threshold before a player cops a life ban.

On top of breaking his opponent’s jaw, Jones was also seen elbowing an opponent in the head, as well as kicking and kneeing players on the ground.

Despite the multiple incidents being linked to the captain, the entire football club was implicated as a result.

Carl Teusner received a broken jaw after a flying knee from Adam Jones. Pic: Seven

During the season, the football club also had a spate of on-field incidents and player suspensions, leading to the original decision by the Adelaide Footy League tribunal.

“After repeated failings, we simply arrive at the point where one person can cost the whole club,” said Adelaide Footy League CEO John Kernahan in August.

“And we don’t apologise for that.”

Salisbury West is still a chance to re-join the league for next season, if it decides to to appeal the decision.