Customer slams Woolworths over $333 scanning error

A Woolworths customer said she was left "disappointed" after a scanning error led to her being charged hundreds of dollars for a $17 product.

The customer said she was completing her shop at an assisted register with approximately three bags of groceries at Bega Woolworths in NSW when she was charged a total of $471.

“My reply was, 'no way those groceries cost that amount',” the upset woman shared on the Woolworths Facebook page.

Woolworths assisted registers
A Woolworths customer claioms the supermarket incorectly scanned a $17 deli item as $333. Source: Getty

After questioning a Woolworths team member about the total, the woman said she was assured that it was the correct amount.

“I again replied, 'no way there is something wrong'. I was ready to walk away and not pay, leaving my groceries behind,” she wrote.

When the customer insisted the staff member check the groceries again, she spotted the mistake.

“I noticed straight away a deli item that had scanned at $333 dollars, which should have only been $17,” the customer stated.

After the total was corrected, the Woolworths customer said she enquired if she was entitled to receive the incorrectly scanned item for free, as she believed was part of Woolworths policy, but was “ignored” by the staff member at the register.

“I proceeded to front desk to raise the issue and was told ‘sorry we have issues with some of the barcodes scanning’," the customer wrote.

A Woolworths customer holding a receipt.
The customers found items scanned incorrectly at Woolworths. Source: AAP

The customer added that she found the experience "stressful" and said customers behind her in line seemed "mortified".

"I am just glad I questioned the price and didn't pay for it without realising at the time," she said.

Woolworths apologises for scanning error

Woolworths confirmed on the Facebook post the customer should have received the incorrectly scanned item for free.

The supermarket apologised on Facebook and invited the customer to return to a store and get receive the deli item free of charge.

Under The Scanning Code of Practice – a voluntary code that certain supermarkets have signed up to – if an item scans higher than the advertised price or displayed shelf price, a customer is entitled to receive the item for free.

Woolworths confirmed to Yahoo News in December the supermarket follows the Scanning Code of Practice.

“Under the code, our customers are entitled to receive an item free of charge if the scanned price of an item is greater than the shelf price displayed,” a spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia at the time.

“The only exceptions under the code are products with a shelf price greater than $50, as well as tobacco and liquor products. These products will be adjusted to reflect the shelf price.”

Woolworth recipet with $254.74 charged for cabanossi sticks
A second Woolworths customer said they had also had deli items incorectly scanned. Source: Facebook

Another Woolworths customer replied to the Facebook post with a photo of receipt showing a charge of $254.74 for what he said were three cabanossi sticks.

"Happened to wife yesterday, got item for free but still waiting for refund," the man wrote alongside an image of his receipt.

A Woolworths spokesperson confirmed to Yahoo News Australia they were investigating what may have caused the errors.

“Technical errors such as this are rare, and we're looking into what may have caused this. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused by this error," the spokesperson said.

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