Cricket world left gobsmacked after one-in-a-million anomaly in Aussie game

The freak occurrence in an Australian cricket game has stunned fans.

A cricket wicket with the bails still on.
The image from an ACT third grade cricket game has swept the internet after the batter was deemed not out after this moment. (Image: ACT Cricket/Wal Murdoch)

The cricket world has been left absolutely puzzled after a photo of the bails lodged onto the stumps, despite middle stump removed, has swept the internet. In a local ACT third grade cricket game, Ginninderra took on Western Districts on Saturday.

A Ginninderra bowler may consider himself unfortunate after a bizarre incident occurred when his delivery somehow didn't dislodge the bails, despite middle stump being rocked backwards. Naturally, the batter was reported to have started walking having heard the ball crash into the stumps.

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But he returned when he noticed two of the stumps were upright and the bails had not been removed. Incredibly, the laws of cricket deem the batter not out in such a rare circumstance. The Marylebone Cricket Club laws read: “The wicket is broken when at least one bail is completely removed from the top of the stumps, or one or more stumps is removed from the ground”.

In this case neither of these occurred with the bails lodged together in a remarkable anomaly. Another law reads: “The disturbance of a bail, whether temporary or not, shall not constitute its complete removal from the top of the stumps, but if a bail in falling lodges between two of the stumps this shall be regarded as complete removal”.

Since the middle stump had not been completely removed from the ground from the delivery the batter survives the bizarre moment. The image was shared on That's So Village and Cricket ACT social media accounts with a debate ensuing over whether the batter should have walked after seeing the middle stump nearly knocked out.

"Things you don't see every day...Explain this one from a Ginninderra-Wests game for us, cricket fans - how was this possible?" the Cricket ACT post reads. "Physics? Chewing Gum? Swollen timber in all the rain?" Fans were left baffled over the incident, but ultimately agreed the umpires got it right.

Zinger bails spark cricket law debate

In recent years, more and more bails have remained lodged onto the stumps, which has seen batters remain not out when the ball has hit the wicket. A rise to this is the new zinger bails, which light up when dislodged.

This has sparked a debate on whether the laws need to be changed so a wicket is broken when a ball hits the stumps. This is even if the bails are not removed. However, it appears the Marylebone Cricket Club is not ready to make such a drastic change to the laws of the game anytime soon.

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