'I love that': Cricket world in awe of 'inspired' act of trickery

Riley Morgan
·Sports Reporter
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Pakcelona batsman Azam running a single against the Catalunya Tigers.
Pakcelona were able to run two byes (pictured) off a crazy finish to tie the match with the Catalunya Tigers in the European Cricket Series. (Image: European Cricket)

The cricket community has looked on in shock after a crazy finish to a match in the European Cricket Series.

Pakcelona was taking on the the Catalunya Tigers in Barcelona, when they were able to tie the game running two byes off the last ball of the game.

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In an insane match, the Tigers did well to score 4/107 in the T10 match.

But facing defeat, Pakcelona was 9/99 with two balls left in Muhammad Kashif’s final over.

Adalat Ali stepped up and whacked a six, to put Pakcelona within three runs to win and two to tie.

But, unable to replicate his last shot, Ali missed the ball on the final delivery.

However, in another twist, Azeem Azam backed up and was able to scurry through for a single.

While the game appeared over, Azam called his partner back for the single and stayed in the crease.

The keeper panicked and threw the ball to the bowler, who was standing halfway down the pitch.

As Azam was rushing back for the second, the bowler missed the stumps and Pakcelona were able to tie the game.

“Oh, I love that,” the commentator said in excitement.

The commentator recognised the quick-thinking in the chaotic moment.

“That is inspired,” the commentator said. “That is utterly inspired.”

Pakcelona sparks Golden Ball finish

Under the European Series rules, a tie match sent it into a Golden Ball. The chasing side has to score two or more runs to win.

This time, Ali hit the ball straight to a fielder.

However, the fielder fumbled the ball and the batsmen were able to scurry through for a single.

In desperation, the pair tried the same stunt that got them to the Golden Ball finale.

But this time they were unsuccessful and the match was finished when Azam was run out.

The Tigers were lifted to the top of Group A in the European Series.

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