'Huge issue': Virat Kohli in hot water after cricket 'mockery'

Riley Morgan
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Joe Root (pictured left) being trapped in front of the stumps and Virat Kohli (pictured right under the helmet) arguing with the umpire.
Joe Root (pictured left) survived this DRS decision, which left Virat Kohli (pictured right under the helmet) fuming at the decision from the umpires. (Images: Twitter)

The cricket world and Indian captain Virat Kohli was left absolutely baffled after England captain Joe Root couldn't help but laugh after surviving 'one of the plumbest ever' decisions not to be given out by DRS.

As England were trying to survive on the final over on Day 4 in Chennai, Root was caught in front from the bowling of Axa Patel.

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Root appeared to be lazy in playing the shot and the ball caught him on his back pad halfway up the stumps, before it was caught behind by Rishabh Pant.

But the umpire Nitin Menon said not out, believed to be for the caught behind.

This prompted Kohli to immediately send the decision upstairs.

The Decision Review System (DRS) showed the ball clearly missing the bat, but going on to hit the stumps.

But the decision came back downstairs as Umpire's Call, because of the caught behind call, which saved Root.

The decision was made more incredible with replays showing the ball clearly in front of the stumps as it hit the pad, before ball tracking showing the ball rattling off stump.

Kohli was clearly unimpressed and confronted the umpire in disbelief.

He then walked away shaking his head and commentator Nick Knight was also 'flabbergasted' by the decision.

“I can understand why the Indian captain is remonstrating,” Knight said.

“It appeared to me that Joe Root began to withdraw his leg or straighten his back leg and by the time it hit him on his pad, you could see the off stump.

“I’m giving that out all day long. You see the way the knee straightens there, you can see off stump. I’m flabbergasted.

“It’s DRS that’s decided the impact was outside (the line of off stump) but my eyes aren’t as good as the Hawkeye but it just looked as though Joe Root had straightened his leg and it had hit him bang in front of middle and off.”

Cricket world baffled by Root DRS decision

Former players and fans watching were clearly perplexed with the decision with replays exacerbating the problem with a clear shot of off stump in view.

Kohli could also find himself facing a sanction after the argument with the umpire.

Under the ICC's 'Code of Conduct' because Kohli could be deemed to have been 'arguing or entering into a prolonged discussion with the umpire about his/her decision" it could see him face a penalty.

Despite the incident, former England captain Sir Andrew Strauss said Kohli didn't handle the decision well.

“It’s not Virat’s place to say [to the umpire], ‘Why did you make that decision?'" Strauss said on Channel 4.

“It’s that slightly superior attitude he shows which grates with opposition players.”

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