Truth about David Warner's 'stolen' baggy greens revealed after Test cricket farewell

Cricket Australia revealed the Aussie star's missing caps were in the team hotel the whole time.

Pictured David Warner and right with wife Candice
It has been revealed that David Warner’s missing baggy greens were in the team hotel the whole time. Image: Getty

The truth behind what happened to David Warner's baggy greens has been revealed by Cricket Australia, with the loss of his prized caps put down to a poor effort to look for them. The veteran Aussie cricket star caused mass panic when he took to social media ahead of his last-ever Test at the SCG, claiming someone had stolen his baggy greens.

Warner said a backpack containing both his old baggy green worn for the majority of his career and a newer one went missing while in transit from Melbourne to Sydney ahead of the New Year's Test. "Someone has taken my backpack out of my actual luggage which had my backpack and my girls’ presents in there," he said on Instagram. "Inside this backpack were my baggy greens. That’s sentimental to me and it’s something I’d love to have back in my hands walking out there come this week."

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Warner ended up walking out with a replacement baggy green to start the third Test against Pakistan before they were located just days later. Cricket Australia confirmed the hats were found at the team hotel in Sydney, with all the contents inside.

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - DECEMBER 29: David Warner of Australia adjusts his baggy green cap at the conclusion of day four of the Second Test match in the series between Australia and South Africa at Melbourne Cricket Ground on December 29, 2022 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Daniel Pockett/Getty Images)
David Warner caused a mass panic when he took to social media ahead of his last ever Test at the SCG and claimed someone had stolen his baggy greens and urged them to be returned. Image: Getty (Daniel Pockett via Getty Images)

The veteran opener believed that the backpack had been taken out of his luggage, but Cricket Australia stated that was not the case and that they had been misplaced. Despite a search of the team hotel for the caps, The Age reported whoever was in charge of the search just didn't look hard enough.

A total of 64 bags made the trip from Melbourne to Sydney and team sources told the publication that the backpack had been packed in a 'half coffin' cricket bag, which caused the commotion as Warner was under the belief that it would be in a larger 'full coffin' bag. The bag with Warner's caps was placed in a different part of the room to his other bags and the name tag was tucked underneath, resulting in the bag being missed as being his during the search.

David Warner blames missing caps on a prank

After Australia wrapped up a 3-0 series sweep against Pakistan, Pat Cummins said the ordeal was not his to share, telling reporters to ask Warner what happened. “It’s probably not my story to tell. Maybe talk to Davey," Cummins said.

Following his baggy greens being located, Warner attended the post-match press conference and pointed the finger at security for playing a prank on him, refusing to take any blame. “You’re going to have to ask security. I wish I’d played a prank like that,” he said.

“You’ll have to ask Frank (Dimasi) or Stu Bailey (security staff). I literally got it handed to me and there was nothing (said to me). That’s legitimate.”

His wife Candice refused to throw security under the bus when telling Sunrise last week that she was just thankful that the caps had been returned. “It was an unbelievable week,” she said. “But, I mean, that’s a question for, you know, security, management. The end of the day, he got his Baggy Greens back. That’s the main thing.”

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