Stuart Broad in telling Pat Cummins admission about Ashes stumping 'disgrace'

Alex Carey's controversial Ashes stumping of Jonny Bairstow continues to make headlines.

Pictured right is Stuart Broad and Pat Cummins on the left.
Stuart Broad has revealed details of his infamous Ashes clash with Pat Cummins over the controversial Jonny Bairstow stumping. Pic: Getty

Just when you thought the drama surrounding Alex Carey’s infamous Ashes stumping of Jonny Bairstow had died down, Stuart Broad has come out to help stir up fresh drama. Bairstow broke his long silence on the incident this week after suggesting the mode of Australia's dismissal is not a good example to be setting for young kids playing cricket or looking to get into the sport.

Bairstow famously walked out of his crease before the umpire had called the ball dead with Carey reacting immediately after catching the ball and throwing it at the stumps. The resulting stumping of Bairstow created an international cricketing storm and sparked furious backlash from England, who claimed the Aussies had not played within 'the spirit of cricket'.

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Bairstow's reaction to the drama has raised eyebrows after footage resurfaced of the England keeper's own controversial stumping. Former Australian captain Tim Paine was among those to react to an ABC video on Platform X that showed Bairstow's controversial act in a County game.

The England batter that replaced Bairstow at the crease was now-retired fast bowling great Broad, who has made a number of stunning new claims about the controversy. Broad admitted that he was overcome with a "red mist" of rage and described Pat Cummins as an "absolute disgrace" because the Aussie captain did not withdraw the appeal.

“As I’m walking out to bat at Lord’s and there’s boos going at the Aussies, the captain Pat Cummins is coming on to bowl so he’s walking towards me at the end of his mark,” Broad said on the Up Front podcast. “And I just looked at him and said, ‘You’re an absolute disgrace’.

“He said, ‘Oh yeah, you’re hardly an upkeep of the spirit of cricket’.” Cummins' remark was no doubt in reference to an infamous incident involving Broad in the 2013 Ashes series when the paceman refused to walk after clearly edging the ball and being caught behind.

Seen here, Stuart Broad and Pat Cummins in a running battle during the second Ashes Test at Lord's.
Stuart Broad and Pat Cummins had a running battle during the second Ashes Test at Lord's. Pic: Getty

“So that upset me a bit,” Broad said about the comeback from Cummins. The 604-wicket Test legend was then seen exaggerating the action of grounding his bat in his crease, in a dramatic swipe at Australia that Broad admits he would later regret.

“Then the next 10 minutes became me being very facetious and shouting in every time, which I had huge regrets about that night,” he added. “I was hugely embarrassed about it but I had no real control over what I was doing.”

Stuart Broad baited Aussies into mistakes

Broad says it then became his mission to get under the skin of the Aussie captain and his team as much as possible. The 37-year-old said after a period of baiting Cummins and revelling in the English crowd's disdain for the Australians, the visitors' game began to unravel as Ben Stokes cashed in with the bat.

“There’s a moment when silly point and short leg were in, and I’m looking them in the eye singing, ‘Same old Aussies, always cheating’,” Broad added. “They sit there looking at me as if to say, ‘What are you doing?’. But the more it went on, the more they just went vacant. They weren’t thinking about what they were doing. They were bowling ‘slot’ to Stokesy.

“Pat went over to long on, like way away from me, and the crowd are booing him. And I’m shouting at him from 60 metres (away), ‘Pat! Pat! All these boos, they’re for you mate.

"All of them, they’re for you’... Started off as a red mist and then I tweaked it into an advantage of 'we’ve got them by the balls here a little bit, how long can I make this carry on?'”

Despite a stunning 155 from Stokes, England ultimately fell 43 runs short of victory as Australia won the second Test at Lord's. That result - Australia's second and final win - proved crucial as the series ended in a 2-2 draw that saw Cummins' men retain the Ashes as current holders.