Steve Smith called out over 'disgusted' reaction after dismissal in SCG cricket Test

The mercurial batter was left frustrated at his own dismissal.

Steve Smith frustrated and Smith walks off the field.
Steve Smith (pictured) copped some backlash from fans for his reaction at his dismissal against Pakistan on day three. (Getty Images)

Steve Smith has once again been questioned over his reaction to his dismissal after looking dumbfounded at the bounce of the ball on day three against Pakistan. Smith was looking confident in Australia's first innings on Friday as he battled his way to 38 runs off 86 deliveries against a persistent Pakistan attack.

However, after switching up the fielding placements to a heavy offside tactic, Smith fell for the trap and played a miss-timed shot straight to short cover. Pakistan celebrated after taking the prized wicket of Smith for another disappointing score.

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Smith looked incredulous as he remained statue like as he stared at the pitch where the ball bounced. He then gestured at a funny bounce, which appeared to take him by surprise.

Unfortunately for Smith, the dismissal will go down as good bowling from Mir Hamza having seen the mercurial batter fall right into the trap. And Ricky Ponting noted the good bowling after the dismissal.

“Hamza did his part and what we’ll see here is just look at the big puff of dust that comes out of the wicket. This is a sign of just how dry this pitch is,” Ponting said on Channel 7 commentary. “There you can see it,” he added after watching a replay. “Big puff of black dirt breaking the surface. It is a big explosion in the surface.

“And then watch Smith’s reaction; Smith straight away looks down. Points at the wicket and puts his hands on his hips and can’t believe that this has just happened. He worked so hard for so long, 86 balls. He was out there just starting to get a bit more freedom and flow to his batting, and he gets one like that.”

Steve Smith walks off the field.
Steve Smith (pictured) appeared unimpressed with his wicket at the Sydney Cricket Ground against Pakistan on day 3. (Photo by SAEED KHAN/AFP via Getty Images)

SEN Radio commentator Adam White said the reaction to his dismissal wasn't the best look. “Bowlers are allowed to bowl good balls or set good fields that get you out. Standing there in disbelief like ‘how could you possibly get me out’ isn’t a good look," he added.

Fans took aim at Smith for his reaction in the first Test when he begrudgingly accepted a DRS decision that saw him out LBW. And again Smith's reaction left many fans wanting one of Australia's greatest ever batters to accept his decision without the carry on after.

Fans can understand why Smith is getting frustrated having struggled to find form so far in this series after a below par year with the bat in 2023. Smith's lean form of runs has continued with his astonishing average of more than 63 gradually falling below 59 over his last 56 innings.

Across that period, Smith has still managed to hit six centuries but has also been dismissed 14 times for single digit scores in Tests. While Smith has had a number of starts against Pakistan in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney, he has only managed a top score of 50 this series.

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Josh Hazlewood was the difference on a mixed day of the Test match having taken three wickets in five balls as Pakistan slumped to 7-68 at stumps on day three.

The tourists had fought bravely on Friday, but held a lead of just 82 heading into the fourth day. The Aussies still have to bat last on an SCG wicket that is deteriorating quickly, but are clearly on top after Hazlewood snared 4-9 on a day in which 15 wickets fell.

"That's why Test cricket is so exciting," Australia's wicket-keeper Alex Carey said after watching Hazlewood make a late cameo on Friday. "You have six hours of play and then the last five minutes you get the crowd going like that. Growing up you play backyard cricket, you come in, you watch the last little bit and it's just so exciting to see an over like that."

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