Shane Warne's kids in heartbreaking new revelation about cricket legend's death

The children of the legendary cricketer have launched an initiative that they believe could have ultimately kept their dad alive.

Pictured Shane Warne left and his three kids right
Shane Warne's children have set up an initiative to provide free heart tests that take less than five minutes that they believe could have saved their father. Image: Getty/Instagram

Shane Warne’s three children, Brooke, Jackson and Summer, have penned a heartbreaking letter as they launch a new initiative that they believe would have saved the late Spin King's life. The Aussie cricket icon died at age 52 in March last year after suffering a heart attack while on holiday in Thailand.

The Shane Warne Legacy (SWL) is set to kick off next week, raising funds and awareness for a variety of charities. The first cab off the rank for the initiative is to make available 23,000 free four-minute health tests by the end of the year, a test Warne's kids believe could have saved his life.

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"We aim to reciprocate the love and guidance Dad provided us throughout our lives by continuing the legacy he left behind,” Warne's children wrote in an emotional letter that Brooke Warne shared on Instagram. "It's our heartfelt commitment to sustain the legacy on his behalf.

"We believe if Dad had taken one of these tests, he might still be with us today. We don’t want any family to endure the heartache we’ve faced and sadly, millions of others have faced, and Dad wouldn’t want that either."

3rd Test Match-England v Australia at Old Trafford: Australian bowler Shane Warne celebrates bowling Alec Stewart (departing left) for one at Old Trafford today (Sunday). PA Photo by Owen Humphreys.   (Photo by Owen Humphreys - PA Images/PA Images via Getty Images)
Warne's kids have started Shane Warne Legacy in honour of their late father. Image: Getty (Owen Humphreys - PA Images via Getty Images)

In the letter, Warne's children also note that to them Warne was far more than a cricket legend and despite no longer being by their side, they still take with them the lessons he taught them. "Growing up in the shadow of his achievements we’ve witnessed first-hand the dedication, passion, and hard work that fuelled his success," the letter continues. "These days, it’s clearer than ever how he pushed each one of us to give everything a crack and go 'all in' in life. It's the little moments that we remember the most."

Brooke Warne speaks on how the children are honouring Shane's legacy

Warne's eldest child, Brooke, voiced how Warne positively impacted their lives and why his kids desperately wanted to start the SWL. "As the world honours his legacy, we're honouring our Dad who was our pillar of strength, our confidant, and our loudest cheerleader," Brooke wrote in a post to Instagram.

"We're immensely proud of the Shane Warne Legacy team, who were Dad's team in life for nearly 20 years – they are ensuring Dad will be remembered as he deserves, doing precisely what he would want – giving a leg up to those in need.

"His legacy, one of making a difference, is nothing short of extraordinary. He would love this. We aim to reciprocate the love and guidance Dad provided us throughout our lives by continuing the legacy he left behind. It's our heartfelt commitment to sustain the legacy on his behalf."

Money for the foundation will be raised through the sale of Shane Warne Legacy floppy and bucket hats. "The floppy hat became an iconic symbol for Shane, and fans often donned similar headwear as a mark of respect for their cricketing hero," the SWL website states. "This phenomenon underscores how a humble piece of clothing can transform into a powerful emblem of a legendary figure, further cementing their special place in the hearts of fans around the world."

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