'Classless' TV host asks cricketer 'crude' sex question in front of wife

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Seen here, Piers Morgan asking Jos Buttler a question about sex in front of his wife on TV.
Piers Morgan asked Jos Buttler a crude sex question in front of his wife and child on breakfast TV. Pic: GMB

Piers Morgan has landed himself in hot water again over a crude sex question directed at an English cricketer in front of his wife.

The cringeworthy moment came on the Good Morning Britain breakfast programme that Morgan co-hosts.

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Morgan was interviewing England wicketkeeper-batsman Jos Buttler about the side's thrilling Cricket World Cup win last year.

Buttler sealed England's first ever Cricket World Cup victory when he clipped the bails off to remove New Zealand batsman Martin Guptill in a controversial final.

Cricket-mad Morgan was reliving England's glory with Buttler when he thought it would be a good idea to introduce some levity to proceedings.

Buttler was conducting the interview via video link with his wife Louise and daughter Georgia Rose beside him.

Despite that fact and despite it was on breakfast television, Morgan thought it would be a good idea to ask Buttler if England's World Cup victory was better than sex.

Morgan said: “I recently asked Eoin Morgan if that moment was better than sex and he said, without hesitation: ‘Yes’.

“I know he didn’t have his wife there and you do — but I’m going to ask you the same question.”

Buttler and his wife looked genuinely shocked and embarrassed by the question, with the cricketer finally mustering his most diplomatic response.

“No, it was a close second, I’d say." Buttler joked.

Morgan's remark was pounced on by viewers and the British press, who insisted it was highly inappropriate for breakfast morning television.

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Morgan also used his breakfast TV show to condemn people for ignoring the British government's coronavirus lockdown measures.

The outspoken TV presenter was particularly scathing of English Premier League footballer Jack Grealish, who broke quarantine before allegedly smashing into a number of parked cars in a bizarre incident.

The Aston Villa midfielder was snapped wearing a hoody with mismatching slippers after apparently being involved in a car accident which saw a Range Rover hit two parked cars on Sunday morning - less than a day after he had urged people to “stay home” on social media.

Seen here, Jack Grealish found himself at the centre of a bizarre car crash after breaking quarantine rules.
It's alleged Jack Grealish crashed his Jeep into several cars, left details with a resident and then walked from the scene. Pic: Twitter

Speaking of Grealish, Morgan said: "Another day, another load of idiots. England footballer Jack Grealish. Aston Villa star. Had a lot to say last week. Gave a video message. ‘To help save lives you must stay at home’.

"Really good words. Until you go out to your mate’s house on the lash for a party. Get into a car and crash into a load of other cars, allegedly.

"What were you thinking Jack? What happened to your little guidance? What happened to what you told us about saving lives and staying home?

"Doesn’t help when an England star, a role model, does that. Acts with total impurity and selfishness and recklessness. Shame on you."