'All went to s***': Glenn Maxwell details engagement 'nightmare'

Glenn Maxwell and fiancee Vini Raman, pictured here at the Australian Cricket Awards.
Glenn Maxwell and fiancee Vini Raman. Image: Getty/Instagram

Glenn Maxwell has opened up about how popping the question to fiancee Vini Raman turned into a bit of a ‘nightmare’.

The Australian cricketer got engaged to Raman in February after missing the national side’s limited-overs tour of South Africa because of injury.

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However he has since lifted the lid on how his plans to pop the question ‘all went to s***’.

Speaking on the Ordineroli Speaking Podcast with Neroli Meadows, Maxwell said his plans all fell through and he ended up having to use Plan D.

“We went for a walk and everything felt so wrong,” he said.

“I was so confident in my head about what I was going to do and it all went to s*** basically.”

After carrying the ring around Port Melbourne all day, Maxwell said it was more nerve-wracking than playing in a World Cup final.

After Maxwell aborted his first two ideas, he was forced to use Plan D when Victoria teammate Will Pucovski spotted the couple at a rose garden.

But even Plan D went wrong after Maxwell asked Raman to follow him in a separate car to another park.

“There were kids everywhere. This is a nightmare,” he said.

“It’s just going so badly. She drove past as I was trying to put the ring back in the box.

“She didn’t see me as I was ducking back into the car to get ready and shut the door and run back into the middle of the park. I hid behind a tree, would have looked like a real creep in a park.

“There were all these people around and I thought as long as everyone moves away from the centre of the park I should be fine.

“There were still kids around and people walking their dogs and as I turned around I saw Vini start to walk the wrong direction. I feel like I pinpointed on Google Maps exactly where I wanted her to meet me, so I was a bit annoyed and then told her to come back the other way.

“I sort of pointed her away by saying there might be a cafe over there and she sort of turned away and I got straight down on one knee. But as I got down, she still had her phone in her hand and she must have panicked and pushed a button because she started calling me.

“So, my phone is vibrating in my pocket like mad. And I’m sitting there with a ring in my hand shaking anyway.

“And she started crying, and I was like, ‘I’m not taking this phone call. What is going on here’. So she ended up leaving a seven minute voice mail and it was the entire engagement chat.

“I’ve still got that on my phone. So that’s pretty cool that we’ve still got that engagement memory.”

Maxwell details depths of mental health battle

Also on the podcast, Maxwell revealed he wanted his arm to be broken during Australia's World Cup campaign last year so he could have a break from international cricket.

He didn't realise it at the time but the star allrounder was battling mild depression and anxiety.

Falling into a dark place would eventually lead to Maxwell stepping away from the game last October for more than a month.

A hostile nets session in July before Australia's final World Cup group game against South Africa saw Maxwell and veteran Shaun Marsh both struck while batting.

Glenn Maxwell, pictured here in action for Australia during the 2019 Cricket World Cup.
Glenn Maxwell in action for Australia during the World Cup. (Photo by Nigel French/PA Images via Getty Images)

“I knew he (Marsh) was in trouble when he came in, and immediately I felt bad for him,” Maxwell said.

“I just thought I hope he's OK, and if anything, I wish we could swap our news (suspecting Marsh's arm was broken).

“We went to the hospital together and we were both sitting there, I think both hoping for opposite news.

“When I got hit, I was angry and a part of me was hoping (my arm) was broken.

“I was like 'this is it, I just need a break'... I was thinking about things I could do on the way back to snap it.

“I had anger at other people and it didn't make sense, but I was angry at myself for not being able to produce at all this World Cup.

“I thought it would've been an easy escape because I felt like I was going to get dropped at some stage and I thought maybe this is the way.”

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