'What the hell': Cricket fans stunned by 'world's weirdest action'

Andrew Reid
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Pictured here, a batsman looks on in shock at Sri Lankan spinner Kevin Koththigoda's action.
Sri Lankan spinner Kevin Koththigoda has been turning heads with a truly unique bowling action. Pic: Fox Sports

There have been some strange bowling actions in cricket over the years, but fans are convinced one Sri Lankan leg-spinner’s is the "weirdest".

Kevin Koththigoda has been taking the cricket world by storm, with a style of bowling that is unique - to say the least.

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Koththigoda first made headlines in 2017 after vision of him bowling at the Youth Asia Cup in Malaysia went viral.

Debuting for the Sri Lanka Under-19 team at the time, the leg-spinner's extraordinary method of delivery made international headlines.

Dubbed the ‘world’s weirdest spinner’ he's been at it again during a recent T10 match in Abu Dhabi.

Koththigoda's action has inevitably drawn comparisons with former South African spinner Paul Adams, who was known as the 'frog in a blender'.

Kevin Koththigoda is pictured on the right alongside a shot of former Proteas spinner Paul Adams on the left.
Kevin Koththigoda's bizarre action has been likened to that of former Proteas spinner Paul Adams. Pic: Getty/Fox Sports

The youngster's right bowling arm appears to hyperextend behind his back, before whipping awkwardly around his neck before release.

It's a bizarre technique that would no doubt bamboozle most batsman.

However, Koththigoda’s action does come with associated risks, as evidenced by his display in the latest T10 match for the Maratha Arabians.

The young leggy twice fell over while bowling to Qalandars batsmen in the Abu Dhabi T10 league, before he was eventually forced off with injury.

Bizarre style leaves cricket world perplexed

Many fans were far from surprised to learn that Koththigoda had injured himself, based off his “unorthodox bowling style”, as described by commentators.

The incredible scenes unsurprisingly left viewers in a state of disbelief.

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