Jonny Bairstow's words come back to haunt him amid Ashes furore

An old interview from the wicketkeeper has come to light amid the Ashes drama.

Jonny Bairstow speaking to the Australian players and Bairstow in a County interview.
A County Cricket interview from Jonny Bairstow (pictured right) over his controversial stumping has surfaced after the Ashes furore. (Images: Getty Images/Twitter)

The cricket world isn't done with the Jonny Bairstow Ashes furore with an old interview emerging of the wicketkeeper claiming his stumping was 'within the rules' after footage showed the Englishman pulling a similar act to Alex Carey. Bairstow and the English cricket team have been repeatedly called out on social media after firing up over the batter's controversial wicket on day 5 of the second Ashes test.

Pat Cummins fired back at the Ben Stokes over the incident with a brutal one-world reply when told the England captain would have withdrawn his appeal. He then later claimed the dismissal was fair play.

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Travis Head has also revealed Bairstow had attempted to remove him from the crease with a similar act. Cricket fans have also posted many videos of Bairstow attempting a similar stumping as Carey earlier in the test match.

England has fired back with Joe Root and Stuart Broad calling out the Aussies for not withdrawing the appeal. Bairstow was clearly fuming after the match, which was evident during the handshakes with the Aussies.

In the latest damning footage, an interview has emerged of Bairstow claiming a similar, if not more controversial, stumping was "within the rules". In a County Cricket game, Nottinghamshire batter Samit Patel leaves the ball after a delivery.

Wicketkeeper Bairstow catches it above the stumps and hovers the ball over the bails. Patel looks back and waits as he sees Bairstow has not stumped him because he remained in the crease. After a moment, Patel then takes a step out of his crease.

Ben Stokes and Pat Cummins talk after the Ashes match.
Ben Stokes (pictured left) and Pat Cummins (pictured right) had differing views on the Jonny Bairstow incident (Photo by Gareth Copley/Getty Images)

Bairstow then removes the bails. The Englishman celebrated the wicket, which saw him react slower than Carey did in the latest Ashes test. And if the footage of the dismissal wasn't controversial enough after England's repeated defence of the 'Spirit of the Game', Bairstow's words after the County clash summed it up.

Jonny Bairstow interview comes to light

Bairstow was interviewed about the moment and claimed the opportunity was there for the taking. "I saw him lift his foot, I took the bails. Luckily it was one of those that kind of went for us there," he said.

When asked about what the batter would think of the dismissal, Bairstow defended the wicket because he claimed it was "within the rules". "I don't know, it's just one of those things. It's within the rules of the game and that's how it is," Bairstow said when asked about what he thought of the stumping.

Aussie comedian, and huge cricket fan, Andy Lee reposted the interview in a huge blow to England's fervent argument that Australia should have withdrawn their appeal.

Travis Head hits out at Jonny Bairstow disbelief

One Aussie player that wasn't having any of the backlash was fan-favourite Head. Bairstow and Head exchanged words after the incident happened on day 5, which saw Head smiling and pointing something out to the Englishman.

And the Aussie revealed what he said to Bairstow after an earlier run-in. "Jonny wasn’t too pleased,” Head quipped to the Willow Talk podcast. “And I sort of reminded Jonny last week I walked out of my crease at the end of an over.

“I quickly whipped my bat back and questioned Jonny on whether he would take the stumps and he said, ‘Bloody oath I would’, and ran off. We’d seen him try to do it and I’ve seen it happen a few times.

“Remember Tommy Cooper getting done at the SCG. ‘Nevs’ (Peter Nevill) threw the stumps down on him. If you put on the England hat, they’re disappointed.

"But the Australia (side), to the letter of the law, which was explained with Mitchell Starc’s catch the day before that it would be out. I know they’ve questioned it differently if they were in the same situation but with all the heat out of the air, saying that is a little bit different than in the moment."

“(Stuart Broad’s) comments that the whole of Australia would wake up and Pat wouldn’t be captain … He seems to forget our fans are pretty loyal and pretty happy with the way the Australians are going about things.”

England can fume all they want over the incident, but Australia take a 2-0 lead into the third Test this week.

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