'Liar': Virat Kohli shamed by his wife during live chat

Andrew Reid
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Seen here, the Instagram live chat that saw Virat Kohli's wife call him a liar.
Anushka Sharma called out Virat Kohli's lie during an Instagram live chat. Pic: Instagram

Virat Kohli has been hilariously stitched up by a fellow Indian sporting star, with a little help from the cricket star's wife.

Like many other sporting icons and celebrities cooped up at home during the virus lockdown, Kohli took to social media recently for an online chat with friend and professional football player, Sunil Chhetri.

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What Kohli may not have expected during the one-on-one session on Instagram live, was the wind up he was about to get from Chhetri - who plays for Indian Super League side Bengaluru as well as the national team.

Chhetri is also good friends with Kohli's actress wife, Anushka Sharma, and decided to have a dig at the cricketer for falling asleep on set when he went to visit her in London.

Seen here, Anushka Sharma and husband Virat Kohli at a Test match against Australia at the SCG.
Anushka Sharma often travels to watch Virat Kohli play cricket around the world. Pic: Getty

The footballer embarrassed Kohli even further by pointing out that his wife manages to stay awake during the countless cricket matches she's watched him play, even when Kohli is not batting.

A sheepish Kohli tried to defend himself by claiming that he fell asleep due to jet-lag, having just arrived after a long journey to London.

Kohli's wife can be heard shouting out "liar" in the background as Chhetri laughed at the cricket star's attempts to talk his way out of trouble.

Not content with that piece of humiliation, Chhetri then threw Kohli under the bus again after reminding him about an infamous cycling incident with his wife in Bhutan.

The 31-year-old apparently left Anushka in his wake, speeding off on his bike after hearing someone shout his name and realising his cover had been blown.

The hilarious online exchange left Kohil rather puzzled about when his wife found the time to divulge all these details to Chhetri.

Ben Stokes slams Kohli over ‘worst complaint’ ever

Kohli has also come under fire from England allrounder Ben Stokes, who revealed how the India skipper complained at the boundary length at Edgbaston after a defeat at the 2019 World Cup.

"The toss was vital, especially looking at the boundaries that are this short. Bizarre that it just falls in place with the boundary limitations and with a flat pitch such as this,” Kohli said at the time.

“It's crazy that things fall in place like that randomly. It's the first time we are experiencing this.

"If batsmen are able to reverse sweep, sweep you for a six on a 59-metre boundary you can't do much as a spinner. They had to be smarter with their lines as it was difficult to contain runs with one short boundary.”

In the England star's book ‘Ben Stokes on Fire’, he takes aim at Kohli for the "bizarre" criticism.

“It was weird to hear India captain Kohli whingeing about the size of the boundaries at the post-match presentation ceremony,” he wrote.

“I have never heard such a bizarre complaint after a match.

“It’s actually the worst complaint you could ever make.”

India were eventually knocked out of the World Cup after losing to New Zealand, while England went on to lift the trophy after a controversial win over New Zealand in the final.